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Bay home remedy destroys game regulation iron ore to be about to go up 80%
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Standing vice-chairman represents association of Chinese iron and steel industry before collect ice birthday, australian force develop and need and need develop (the following abbreviation " 2 develop " ) business of mine of two big international is different iron ore of river valley of fresh water of meaning reference Brazil of 65% rise in price extent, begin to reduce long-term agreement stage by stage (the following abbreviation " long assist " ) the practice of next quantities that offer money, one-sided destroyed game regulation, process of negotiation of serious obstacle iron ore.

This is Luo Bing do on the market of the 6th rolled steel that is born in 20 days to be held at Beijing and commerce international seminar afore-mentioned denotive. As we have learned, our country has 40% every year to come from Australia in entrance iron ore.

By Feburary, chinese steely enterprise accepts iron ore of river valley of Brazilian fresh water 65% and of 71.5% rise in price extent. According to the convention, "2 develop " iron ore price also answer with this link up with. But force develop not long ago expresses clearly already, different idea is referenced this price. There was media coverage more a few days ago, "2 develop " want to rise in price iron ore extent rises 80% . Chinese steely enterprise is have to with respect to iron ore " long assist " the price and " 2 develop " continue to negotiate. During this, the ground put forward force develop occur for the first time to want to make the demand of over-the-counter trading, means is preexistence spot market puts in 15 million tons, the Indian mine with direct and referenced top price () of every tons of 190 dollars. And during Feburary, the price of iron ore of merchandise on hand that force develop sells in Chinese invite public bidding had achieved every tons 195 to 198 dollars. than below, the length of bay mine assist the price has every tons of 80 dollars only.

"The portion began in January 2008, bay the amount offerring money that the long-term agreement of 10% issues the Chinese steel look forward to that honest person includes Bao Gang inside to decrease, and change a large number of iron ore to devoted spot market. " Luo Bing is unripe say. His analysis thinks, according to at present the development of a got-up affair, "Long assist mode " very possible by bay square this one practice gives destroy.

Luo Bing is unripe say: "Bay before just should accepting this according to international convention new reach 65% rise in price extent, perform the amount offerring money below the long-term agreement that already signed. Again and again drive up ask a price, the person is the quantity offerring money below cut and long-term agreement, be not the practice of sincere letter, one-sided destroyed game regulation. In the sensitive period that iron ore price negotiates, this kind of practice negotiates serious obstacle process. "

Luo Bing is unripe tell a reporter, at present bay square merchandise on hand and " half merchandise on hand " the means that offer money, had disturbed what undertaking is long assist negotiation.
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