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Chinese grab sold report 2007
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Be versed in according to Chinese project machine data of statistic of branch of trade association grab shows, the country that enters statistic of library of statistic of real sales volume of grab of CEMA China market is main grab market sales volume broke through 20 grab production company historicly again 2007 66, 000, grew 45% considerably 2006 compared to the same period. Guide in huge market demand bring below, chinese grab sales volume will still continue 2008 the growth of two digit.

2007, sales volume exceeds 1000 grab production company to share 12, ordinal for: The China that fight hill, small loose China, contemporary, day stands, those straps Carter, intelligence of bavin of divine steel, jade, the land of country, Liu Gong, Woerwo, 31 serious chance and blessing cropland Lei Wo, 95% what the grab sales volume of afore-mentioned enterprises occupies grab to sell gross.

2007 also is development of Chinese grab industry a the fastest year, the business sales volume of 85% grows more than 20% compared to the same period; Atelasi, live Lei Wo of cropland of the fine horse in weighing, blessing, 31 serious chance, Xu is dug, the 6 businesses sales volume such as intelligence of the land of country grew more than 70% 2006 compared to the same period.

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