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The fork-lift truck that become worker worker obtains attestation of CE of Lai m
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On December 28, 2007, sichuan Chengdu becomes attestation of CE of European Union of Inc. of project project machine to promulgate card ceremony is held in assembly room of first floor of center of joint-stock company technology. Attend to promulgate this the bilateral company leader of card ceremony has: The manager of department of safety of product of company of joint-stock company general manager Mr Bai Xu, Lai mattress Mr Huang Likun, joint-stock company that become worker worker is standing vise general manager of the total controller of project of company of mattress of gentleman of birthday of the court of a feudal ruler of surname of vise general manager, Lai Mr Wang Jianlin, joint-stock company that become worker worker is anxious, and participate in this attestation to work relevant controller. The ceremony is chaired by Zhu Pei of joint-stock company chief engineer and gentleman. Always published serious talk in vain, he represents a company to state to the arrival of colleague of Lai mattress company the warm reception, support that will be offerred for my company to this half an year and help express cordial acknowledgment above all! Carry out smoothly to checking the work for this attestation, the respect that the broad technology working personnel that achieves complete success shows from the bottom of one's heart! Each departments that support give us in whole process energetically express cordial gratitude!

In addition, the relevant production that still always introduced joint-stock company to the guest in vain manages a case. The welcome change that promotes talent of product quality, perfect foreign trade reserve respect through be in with the collaboration of Lai mattress company especially. Lai mattress company regards the independence on international as the professional orgnaization that product safety checks, its have very tall international in attestation respect famous spend and authority, develop international market field in project machine product especially. Always return in vain with respect to international and domestic project machine market prospect undertook expectation, think market of Chinese project machine will make one of the most active markets on the world necessarily. Accordingly my company expects to have more abiding, more thorough, more extensive collaboration with Lai mattress company.

The development course with respect to Lai mattress company, business extends manager of safe department of Lai mattress firm Mr Huang Likun, the circumstance such as aptitude and CE attestation was made detailed, vivid, of figure explain. Controller of this project of Lai mattress company Mr Wang Jianlin undertook summing up making a speech with respect to this second attestation job. Last promulgate card gives a shop sign, mr Bai Xu becomes Inc. of project project machine to had accepted the CE certificate of Lai mattress company and card card on behalf of Sichuan Chengdu. The card card of Can of golden light Can is to be below the care that the company leads and support, close half an year comes to all project technology personnel the crystallization of plod. After the ceremony ends, both sides had technical communication, basically be aimed at the use of certificate of Lai mattress company, requirement of otherness of European Union country and next cooperative plan made a specification.
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