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Academy of project of car of Chinese enginery machinery holds water
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Academy of project of the first mechanical car was in Chinese enginery a few days ago one aircraft group of Inner Mongolia hangs out his shingle hold water.

In recent years, one aircraft group of Inner Mongolia advances the army and the people actively to taste harmonious development, build modern heavy traffic to make a group energetically, cost of technical research and development occupies sales revenue scale to achieve 2 % above on average, make the industrial technology level of the enterprise rises ceaselessly, industrial technology upgrades to be accelerated ceaselessly. Current, look forward to is formed army taste round of type pedrail the industry such as machine of two old series, heavy-duty car, railroad traffic, special car, project and car component.

Car project academy is one aircraft group of Inner Mongolia to realize industry technology natural resources effective conformity, inner Mongolia center of place of scientific research of one aircraft group, engineering technology, metric detect center, division assist wait for Technical Division conformity and become. Of car project academy holding water is Inner Mongolia one aircraft group upgrades to industrial technology from manufacturing level the significant change of the level, can come true effectively technology, information, talent is shared, last for the company long-term development provides technical support and technical safeguard.

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