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Industry of crane of Chinese large movable type rises quickly
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As user of consign of a crane of 160 tons of entire road surface, xuzhou of Xu industry group is heavy-duty and mechanical accumulative total of crane of above of 100 tons of class sells limited company to had exceeded 300, in the meantime, product sale dimensions already broke through the enterprise 2007 10 billion yuan, first overtakes one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight industry in becoming production company of mainframe of machine of 1000 projects of Chinese. Xu rises abruptly again to also indicate on certain level industry of crane of large movable type is in a China to rise abruptly quickly.

It is merely before 2000, main still support digests industry of crane of Chinese movable type inchoate introduced foreign technology, also can make product of 50 tons of form only at most, huge gap exists between as a lot of as international brand, industry whole dimensions wanders in 1 billion yuan or so.

Rose 2000, the Xu Gong that regards arms of industry file leader as the enterprise is heavy-duty, base oneself upon innovates independently, advance product progress, realized round of type crane continuously 300 tons of 200 tons of 100 tons of class, class, class, the technology of 500 tons of 300 tons of 200 tons of class, class, class breaks through pedrail crane, fill multinomial blank of the industry.

Recently, xu Gong is heavy-duty with 500 tons of class crane of entire road surface and pedrail of 650 tons of class a string of 1 be core content " crane of large movable type innovates independently and industrialization project " , win award of progress of machinist job science and technology again, got Jiangsu saves 20 million yuan scientific research achievement to change special fund support at the same time. Current, innovation of science and technology of Xu Gong heavy support, own innovation year win patent 60 multinomial, won award of progress of art of machinist job science and technology 7 years in all 5, develop continuously for the enterprise offerred enough competitive advantage. Up to in November 2007, xu Gong is heavy-duty had achieved sales revenue 10 billion yuan, home market is had rate achieve 55% , exit is had rate more than 80% , overseas market is had rate arrive from 0 promotion 20% , drove China to rise abruptly of industry of crane of large movable type quickly, the industrial standard of crane of whole China movable type has stood in the forefront that international competes.

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