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Crane tonnage innovation is tall market of card of home made product
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Not long ago, limited company of 31 science and technology and head office of project of Guangdong fire cable signed a SCC90000 in Shanghai (900 tons) the contract of purchase and sale of crawler crane, this all forehead evens more 100 million yuan project, the tonnage record that means our country to exceed large crawler crane by again refresh.

In the crawler crane market of our country, crane of crawler of big tonnage of 350 tons of above is more make by foreign company place, and homebred crawler crane is in centrally more in small tonnage, at present already the crane of the develops development independently by our country enterprise the biggest tonnage of throw on the market is by in the QUY600 that couplet Pu Yuan makes, its are the biggest lifting capacity can achieve 600 tons.

31 heavy industry this research and development of 900 tons of crane, fill our country is in the blank that exceeds respect of large crawler crane. Xu Gong is heavy-duty, stroke dig, in couplet Pu Yuan also had before a few years relatively on tonnage rise tremendously, "China is made " the market of large crawler crane that begins concussion to be controlled by world brand place.

Construction project in succession mount a horse urges hot hoisting market

"At present the market of crane of hydraulic pressure crawler of our country is presenting the state of ceaseless development, the economy of this and country grows be closely bound up. " stroke dig Zhang Jian of sale company general manager to say.

Increase increasingly to energy demand as development of high speed of our country economy, the industry such as report of petrifaction, fire, nucleus report entered the path of rapid development. "915 " during, chinese oil plans to invest many yuan 1800, construction Dalian petrifaction, alone Shan Zishi is changed wait for 7 world-class ten million ton base of class oil refining; Machine of outfit of our country electric power year all invest 500 billion ~6000 100 million yuan, according to the should form 40 million KW what in developing a program for a long time, put forward to 2020 nucleus report in national nucleus report generating capacity, eliminate shows some 8.5 million KW, nuclear report builds the dimensions of the project to have 32 million KW about. This means China the nuclear cable unit that a few 10 years in future the lieutenant general builds about 32 1 billion tile. The new project go into operation that still has the industry such as steely, chemical industry in addition is built...

The start working construction of these projects is ecbolic the market of equipment of large hoisting engineering flourishs, and relative to the crane at other type, the ground connection intensity of pressure that crawler crane has is little, turn radius is small, can a string of 1 walk again the first selection that waits for exercise advantage to make its become large hoisting project. So driving market demand, the development space of crawler crane is agreed to value by industry.
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