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Trend: New observation of industry of machinery of Chinese squeezing ramming
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Squeezing ramming machinery is the indispensable technical equipment in infrastructure construction, its are produced and use the big environment that develops with national economy inseparable. Chinese squeezing ramming is mechanical from 20 centuries 50 time do poineering work since, the hope that bearing a nation goes all the way, already developed the biggest nation that expands to produce and be used for squeezing ramming machinery now. But with respect to technical level character, still have a lot of place that fare badly, still have very large promotion space.

1 trade situation: Structural principal part is queasy, a large number of heroes fights for throne

Manufacturing industry of machinery of our country squeezing ramming is accompanying republican emerge as the times require and development to expand, conform by the east wind that borrows reforming and opening and world, the production of squeezing ramming machinery and consumption already moved toward the peak of the world, industry development also formed new structure.

1.1 a dark horse are ceaseless emerge in large numbers, bibcock confronts a challenge

20 centuries 60 to 80 time, machinery plant of project of factory of Luoyang construction machinery, Xuzhou and Shanghai project machinery plant rank 3 armour all the time, laid the industry foundation of machinery of Chinese squeezing ramming. Xu Gong surmounted building of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to be industry bibcock 1986, in the future has 3 again bright serious engine plant exceeds Shanghai project to rank 3, "Thing two bully, changjiang Delta is crossed " , added company of many on 20 fragmentary production to form a century the trade situation of alternant period.

Since 1998 as a result of market demand pull move, home has production of more enterprise sortie roller, have emerge in large numbers of a dark horse ceaselessly, it is Jiang Yinliu first share of labour, Chang Lin wins out, again hill is pushed, 31 heavy industry and Shandong Chang Linchong are entered, couplet weighed division and Tianjin at the height of power and splendour to follow to come up again in. Especially Shandong Chang Lin, only a few years time ascends body industry front row.

Meanwhile, bibcock enterprise Xu is versed in roller sales volume slides continuously however, decline by 5239 of 2003 2683 of 2006, thing two bully difference also by 2.7: 1 narrow 1.4: 1, compare with the sales volume of lug project only 16 white cent are poor.

1.2 share-holding system become principal part, the capital that cross look forward to grabs a beach

What reform as state-owned company is thorough, industry of squeezing ramming machinery already formed the diversity of state-owned, civilian battalion and foreign capital to invest pattern, and the joint stock company held industry principal part. With state-owned accuse share of Xu Gong science and technology, Chang Lin and civilian battalion accuses the company of 7 share-holding system that 31 heavy industry are a delegate, total sales volume occupies roller about the half of trade total sales volume.
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