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Metallic glass considers to gain new headway
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The metal makes be out of shape the robot can alternate at will all sorts of appearance, can fly away from inside the little gap of the door even. Science fiction film " terminator " medium imagination, as university of Beijing science and technology a of key laboratory of state of new metal stuff new achievement becomes hopeful reality. The metallic glass material of this lab considers to gain new headway, by the United States that published a few days ago " applied physics wall bulletin " with the United States " proceedings of a conferences of academy of sciences " report.

Metallic glass, have glass namely in that way structural metal. It can change to become liquid state by solid state as temperature like glass, the atom that forms also is arranged randomly, present the position that do not have foreword, there is the magical property that place of brilliant condition metal does not have in reality application. Zhang Yong of professor of college of Beijing science and technology and group of research of old country good people used a kind to wait for constituent, without base yuan design method, development went to compress intensity to exceed the solid solution of three handkerchief alloy, this kind of alloy is very hopeful use at the most advanced domain such as prospective aviation, spaceflight.

" applied physics wall bulletin " report, the blame that Chen Guoliang academician puts forward is whole arrange turn a model in order, gave out to describing structure of the state that be not brilliant from accept rice measure a very main staff gauge. He still announced below deep super-cooling condition, metallic glass by blame is whole arrange change a structure to develop one dimension semmetry in order, the Na Mijing to 2 dimension, three-dimensional semmetry changes a mechanism finally. Lie between when before long, professor Xie Feng of this lab adopts the change of free bulk in surveying sample, of the free bulk of the similar and atomic room in thinking to pass sample generate, migratory make with die out super-cooling liquid transforms in glass flow no longer under temperature.

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