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Pedrail condole: Price of? of business of of collect of Xi of whistle collectio
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Pedrail condole is current world the collect adult of the most advanced and new and high technology, it is technology of will current world's most advanced computer technology, microelectronics technology, electric power electron, cable technology, hydraulic pressure technology, ambiguous the mechanical drive that controls a technology to use a convention and control system, the automation that implemented crane and intelligence are changed.

Electric control equipment already developed the new generation that large intelligence influences pedrail to a string of 1 help sb to fulfill his wishes electronic digitlization controls a system, basically control actuating device by complete digitlization, but program controller, breakdown is diagnosed reach data management system, digitlization to operate give detect wait for equipment to comprise, news report of transformation frequency control, radio frequency data, breakdown prevents shaken ambiguous control, laser to search induction of centre of gravity of content removing condole, near field to prevent communication of bus line of collision technology, spot, carrier wave and control from examine monitoring, spreader, without the contact power supply is reached three-dimensional a form code.

Pedrail condole passes magnetic field transformer or laser obtains high accuracy fixed position, use laser device to search the centre of gravity place of content removing condole, load handling device guides to catch thing of engaging the load automatically of ultrasonic sensor on load handling device. Spreader is prevented automatically shake the system can be in traversal speed 200 meters / the circumstance of 0.5m2/s of second, acceleration falls to make content removing condole sways amplitude is decreased very quickly to a few millimeter. The system of near field induction on pedrail condole, can prevent the mutual collision between pedrail condole, coordinate operation in order to get used to condole of much stage pedrail. Personal computer still was installed to diagnose supervisory system oneself on pedrail condole, this system can offer major convention to safeguard examination content, if gear case is oily lukewarm, oil level, wheel bearing temperature, the load of crane, stress and oscillatory circumstance, brake attrition line piece life and temperature state.

Current pedrail spreader has taller flexible, in order to fit the manufacturing pattern of much batch little batch, raise stand-alone integrated automation level. The key develops the high-powered electric gearing that is core with microprocessor, make pedrail spreader has good timing and static use character, show the automata that can undertake operating, automatically with the record, the automatic protection that pedrail swing goes and detect automatically, of special situation remote remote control, in order to get used to the need that pedrail as string of 1 automation, intelligence changes development. Pedrail as string of 1 with its intelligence changes space of course of study of operation, large lifting capacity, your work, belt to carry walk, ground connection is smaller than pressing wait for an advantage to become construction state the important equipment of major project.
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