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Chinese mechanical gross value of industrial output head broken 7 trillion
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● machinery equips self-sufficient rate exceeds 80%

Favorable balance of trade exceeds ● 20 billion dollar

The news that Chinese machinery Joint Industry Conference announces 21 days shows, mechanical 2007 gross value of industrial output is compared go up year of growth is close 32 % , develop in order to exceed the rate of 20 % 5 years quickly continuously continuously. The gross value of industrial output of mechanical 2007 industry breaks through 7 trillion yuan first. Chinese machinery equips self-sufficient rate exceeds 80% .

The integral actual strength of Chinese equipment manufacturing industry promoted further 2007. Water press of 15 thousand tons of class, 35 stere mine change the gross new product such as rig of oil of especially deep well to develop a success in succession with word of 12 thousand meters of power shovel, total number. Machine tool of a batch of high levels broke foreign forestall and block, produced main effect to enhance Chinese economy security.

Press custom statistic, amount of imports and exports of industry of machinery of before 2007 11 months three hundred and twenty-seven billion one hundred and ten million dollar, grow 30.3% compared to the same period. Export one hundred and seventy-four billion eight hundred and forteen million dollar among them, grow 40.74% ; Import one hundred and fifty-two billion two hundred and ninety-six million dollar, grow 20.07% .

Already imported a country to turn into to export a nation completely completely by machinist job from the China since 2006, before last year 11 months realize favorable balance of trade 22.5 billion dollar, those who demonstrated competition ability of machinist job international rise. Machinist job exports product structure to continue to upgrade: The industry export such as machine of the car with additional high cost, project grows the technology swift and violent, came in January automobile industry export increased 52% compared to the same period in November, export of project machinery industry increases 62.7% compared to the same period, general commerce export increases 46.8% compared to the same period, first prep above improvement trade increases 13 percent, the foreign trade quality that demonstrates Chinese machinist job, competition ability is rising steadily.

Joint Industry Conference forecasts Chinese machinery, mechanical this year industry will keep successive the 6th year of 20% right-and-left growth, car output produces per year concussion 10 million to close greatly, generate electricity the perch that equipment estimates to tenability is controlled in 100 million kilowatt.

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