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The expert comments on Chinese manufacturing industry to want to prevent to be c
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The dimensions of manufacturing industry and level are to measure a country (or area) the important sign of comprehensive strength and modern degree. Profit from opens to the outside world, move of structure of global manufacturing industry, substantial manpower natural resources and vast market space, chinese manufacturing industry is in go 10 years obtained breathtaking productivity, the technical level in certain domain also begins to compare humeral day, Han.

Nevertheless, the dazzle that Chinese manufacturing industry obtains looks achievement can not cover the huge gap between powerful nation of top-ranking manufacturing industry of its and world. And the certain product that does not say China is made still remains to improve and rise in quality and safe respect, in light of the whole with respect to Chinese manufacturing industry, show level China manufacturing industry to still work in order to produce concentrated model the product is dominant, basically act as the following two kinds of costar: One kind is development supplied materials treatment manufacturing industry. The 2nd kind is raw material purchase the production with component to execute native land melt into advocate, transnational corporation is controlling research and development and market sale network, chinese enterprise still fills the manufacturing workshop before transnational corporation.

So, although noon today,the country already was worn by not little Hesperian " world plant " tall cap, but industrialized after times, more or less didn't this laurel contain Troy actually, more it is to mean " subcontract big country " , " machine big country " . Look the world of pyramid form divides the work now system, the nature that is located in tower needle is the United States, its occupy dominant position in make and revising world economy regulation; The country such as the developed country in the European Union and Japan, although can be participated in,revise world economy regulation, but the complexion act that also should see the United States sometimes; As to China, although future develops hard set limit to, but general below current international economy situation can passive accept already some world economy are regular.

The experience of economic phylogeny tells us, without powerful manufacturing industry, have economic big country and power impossibly. But, what be worth our worry particularly is, what Chinese manufacturing industry will be in international divide the work in what can foreknow is medium low layer, force of technology of whole of Chinese production enterprise is very weak still, industry economy efficiency is not tall, competition ability is not strong. If 500 strong a few production proprietor of an enterprise of already selected world reached the level of world-class enterprise from dimensions, if wait for integrated index with level of brand, technology, management, gain,will measure still have huge gap with world-class transnational corporation.

And the biggest soft costal region that the core skill that lacks own innovation is Chinese production enterprise more. The current situation that at present Chinese manufacturing industry develops is: A few crucial domains of industrial technology external the technology is depended on deeper, many hi-tech content and product of high additional cost basically rely on an entrance. On the core patent of industrial domain, china basically person of be enslaved to be enslaved to; In a few crucial technologies, have the major equipment manufacturing industry of strategic meaning especially, wait for hi-tech content and product of high additional cost like machine of equipment of aviation equipment, accurate instrument, medical treatment, project, china counts an import mostly; Expanding rapid integrated circuit trade in recent years, the common characteristic of domestic company is core technology height counts foreign firm.
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