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The look of things of 2007 crane industry is good
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The exit situation of crane industry is first-rate also this year. 1~6 month, automobile crane and amount of lorry crane exit and stage number already went more than the level of year of annual, pedrail crane is adjacent already last year the level of annual. 1~9 month, exit automobile crane 1796, amount 2.4 billion yuan, lorry crane 362, amount 45 million yuan, pedrail crane 122 (do not include to stroke dig and day stands build machine) , amount 270 million yuan. The industry measure of exit also increases somewhat than in former years. Except Xu Chong, Shanghai 31, the enterprise such as Xu Sui has manier product outside exit, peony river north of colliery of special, Shijiazhuang, Shenyang also have a certain quantity of product export.

The development strength of new product of industry of nearly 9 years of crane is very great also, have ceaselessly taste emerge in large numbers newly, flourish and catered to the demand of the market. For example: Couplet weighed branch of division riverside Yuan to rolled out automobile crane of QY50V, QY40Y, QUY100 2006 in, 160, 600 pedrail crane; Stroke dig roll out QUY350 pedrail crane; Xu Chong rolls out crane of pedrail of crane of QAY240 entire road surface, QUY80, QUY220, QUY260, the research and development that completed product of crane of QAY300 entire road surface is waited a moment. Additionally medium and small businesses also has his characteristic on the development of new product, be in in the quality that the product promotes ceaselessly on small tonnage.

In addition, home had a batch of enterprises to also value crane market, developing crane product actively, especially pedrail crane. For example: Blessing cropland Lei Wo weighed the business research and development such as port of labour, mussel to produce pedrail crane, exhibit in machine of project of international of the 9th Beijing appear on the meeting; Tai'an as string of 1 tubal engine plant is producing crane of small tonnage pedrail; Way way is amounted to, eaves of Shenyang north, Zhengzhou is connected wait to develop pedrail condole in provision. So far, company of pedrail crane production is no longer 4 go to 5, and will enlarge ten enterprises, as well_matched as measure of automobile crane industry, the arrival that adumbrative pedrail crane market flourishs.

Yin Lianxin analyses: Through in last few years rapid development, the dimensions of construction crane industry expands increasingly, its industry invests an opportunity to be shown stage by stage, accordingly, the bank should pay close attention to the development trend of this industry mainly, grasp investment opportunity.

City of benefit from benefit from is changed, heavy chemical industry is changed and overseas market, construction crane business chance is shown

The hoisting that mobile crane applies extensively at Sui of electric power, haven, irrigation works, bridge, petrifaction, metallurgy and construction industry works, because this is mobile,the demand of crane and infrastructure, heavy industry and estate investment are close together and relevant, its are periodic belong to in mobile and mechanical product weaker.
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