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Market of Chinese hardware tool distributings the analysis that reachs developme
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Current, more and more our country industries had entered small profit period, as overall sale gain is reduced increasingly, more gaining profit the space transfers service territory. The market after the market before how be based on is developed, change manages concept and development mode, formulate effective profit strategy, it is many enterprises the main problem that after market period faces. After the connotation of the market after the article is opposite and feature undertake be summarizinged simply, the problem that analysed the market after company of machinery of our country project is faced to develop management presence mainly reachs his to answer strategy.
The connotation of the market reachs a feature after
1. Hind the connotation of the market
This entirely reads aloud the market to be put forward the earliest by American Motor Corporation after, its original intention is to point to: The car of 1 dollar is sold, with respect to the relevant service market that can generate 8 dollars, the fittings that includes a car is supplied, the car changes his costume or dress, hairdressing of maintenance, high-quality goods and car carry electric equipment to wait. As the market perfect and develop, hind the concept of the market is used by more and more industries and domain. In a word, the market is after after showing the product is sold, around move all sorts of services in product use process. Broad sense ground looks, the market is the business market territory that after pointing to a sale, appears not only after, the territory of all business market that shows product production and sale around place appear however.
2. Hind the feature of the market
(1) of broad sense hind the market is market of product production, sale is forward and outspread and continue backward. From the angle analysis of manufacturer, the fluctuation that the market is in catenary of manufacturing industry industry after swims link, the raw material that includes advanced position commonly, component is supplied link and downstream secondhand commerce, after service and the link such as use service. From the angle analysis of consumer, the service of the market after regular meeting pays close attention to is told in consuming a process first, product quality and the satisfaction that took the improvement of Wu to increase customer spend He Zhongcheng, this can affect the sale of company product again, exciting product sells the development of the market.
(2) hind the market is the soil that the agent lives. The agent is the bridge of hold together manufacturer and client, communicate directly with the client, the channel that reduces manufacturer is devoted. Manufacturer and agential collaboration are to make sure the service is seasonable and active, improve the market credit and have the significant step of rate. The agent makes the otherness that accords with market demand run strategy, agile ground communicates manufacturer and client, this will be in hind in the market occupational and enlarge target market, of merchant of real contemporary reason, manufacturer and client 3 win an aspect.
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