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Industry of ball guide screw suffers material of tired Yu Yuan to rise in price
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Price of domestic steel products appears rebound, especially from this year since Feburary, the price is to go up again and again more raise. Regard downstream home as industry of scroll function component, feel apparently answer lack of power, association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool rolls Chen Xiaofu of secretary-general of functional component branch expresses: Rolled steel rises in price too big to the influence of our industry!
The influence comes deep
Chen Xiaofu says, product of ball guide screw basically serves as raw material with rolled steel, 10% what its material holds totle drilling cost. Since this year, the price of GCr15 bearing steel that they need already from last year 6000 multivariate / ton rise 8000 yuan / ton, its rise extent is as high as 30% . And the iron ore that regards rolled steel as raw material still is in rise in price, because the rolled steel price this this year predicts,still can grow. Such since, ball guide screw produces the cost of material of the rolled steel in the enterprise, estimation can rise 20% .
The addition of upriver cost, to industry business especially medium and small businesses, the impact is bigger. At present industry of ball guide screw, medium and small businesses is in the majority, annual produce exceeds 100 million yuan enterprise can be counted on one's fingers. Below the premise that does not have dimensions benefit, the promotion of cost of material, the influence to them will very big.
Chen Xiaofu returns an analysis to say, a few this years rolled steel is in all the time rise in price trend, but be in by last year at the beginning of this year, this trend especially apparent. A few years ago, price of GCr15 bearing steel does not pass gift 4000 multivariate / ton, and the price turns over times nearly now. According to estimation, the rolled steel that whole now industry needs every year is controlled in 10 thousand tons roughly, if rolled steel rises in price every tons 2000 yuan, will raise 20 million yuan pay, this is a quite large number undoubtedly.
Raise price lack of power
Differ with other industry, industry of ball guide screw faces raw material rise in price, the space that the product raises price is very little. This basically is the reason that has the following sides.
Above all, competition of interior of industry of ball guide screw is very intense. These a few years as a result of industry of machine tool tool anabiosis, of gold of industry foreign capital enter very frequent. The company number growth of whole industry is rapidder, the industry measure of entire last year industry has achieved many 4000. And be in only 3 years before, still have the in part of this number only. The industry of ball guide screw that serves as small industry is not exceptional also. The enterprise inside the industry is numerous, product price competition is intense. If the enterprise depreciates, weaken the competition ability of the product likely.
Next, the competition that place of company of scroll function component faces comes from home not only, still have those who come from advanced person of the same trade of Taiwan and abroad more intense market contention. Of Taiwan go up although the enterprise such as silver-colored, Yin Tai is faced with rolled steel to rise in price likewise problem, but the great majority that produces because of them is high-end product, the product is add the cost is high, domestic rare product can be replaced, because their price still can be maintained,be in exalted. Cost of material will be little to their pressure at domestic company.
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