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SSD will make new semiconductor demand market
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As NAND Flash(blame easy mishap puts a technology) the abidance of the price glides, regard next generation as the SSD(Solid State Drive of storage equipment, solid state hard disk) hopeful makes new semiconductor market requirement. It is after 2010, SSD will make the main variety in market of memory of world NAND Flash, and the enterprise also will begin to develop intense market competition formally from this year related each old storage technology.

Market dimensions general amount to 10 billion dollar

SSD is to use what the storage technology such as existing DRAM and NAND Flash and controller will make to lay generation storage equipment. With driver of hard disk of competitive product HDD() photograph comparing, SSD has security low, number sends tall, power comsumption rate as it is said noise of fast, inorganic instrument and impulse withstand wait for an advantage.

According to relevant research the report says, SSD market will be annual grow 91% on average, can increase the scope of the 10 billion dollar 2012 from the dimensions of the 400 million dollar 2007. In the meantime, SSD will grow one of new markets that are NAND Flash memory, to 20% what SSD will hold NAND Flash demand 2011, get stuck with memory thereby (38%) and carry model musical player (20%) becomes pillar of 3 big demand together.

SSD because of its taller product stability and memory price glide and of high capacity product roll out, its apply limits to expanding gradually, already began HP and IBM to carry SSD memory in server traditional Chinese clothes, and the company such as SamSung electron, Dai Er, Suo Ni, Toshiba is rolling out the high-end notebook computer of SSD in succession.

SSD is in the respect such as data processing speed, noise, impulse withstand, power comsumption, function Yuan Chao crosses HDD, because this is in prospective memory market SSD will dominant tens of going to of hundreds GB in market of small size memory, and HDD is met the market of high capacity memory of dominant TB level.

The price is gain ground crucial

At present the unit price of SSD achieves the 10 times above of HDD unit price, because this basically applies on the special demand such as for military use, aviation, ship. And 2009, because its are low power comsumption is characteristic, its apply limits to will enlarge an enterprise to wait for business market with equipment of PC and server, office gradually in. Then, begin SSD hopeful to apply formally in notebook computer, PMP(to be able to carry type media player from 2010) , in the product of consumptive home appliance such as camera of MP3 player, number. For example, lade the notebook computer demand of SSD will from last year control 32 million when expand to 2010 4 million times.
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