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Digital oscillograph competition is intense
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The computer, communication and the rapid development that consume kind of electron industry become oscillograph to develop not exhaust motivation; The manufacturer undertakes improvement to oscillograph from the technology ceaselessly more make its grow change with each passing day.

Since the first day when digital oscillograph is born from it, caused the high attention of manufacturer and user, besides can come down undee memory to wait for an advantage for computer analysis, its capture in weaveform also improve ceaselessly on ratio index narrow thereby and the difference of imitate oscillograph, this market also is the oscillograph market with most intense competition.

3 big markets drive the travel before oscillograph

Digital oscillograph market is main by dominant of manufacturer of 3 big production, bring family of gram of science and technology of nimble human relations, peaceful, force, domestic manufacturer is given priority to with appearance of general source spirit. Market survey firm

PrimeData2007 year the data that provided in September shows, the market of oscillograph is in 5 years all the time growth, but when manufacturer of 3 big oscillograph is dividing this cake, expression has each different. An Jielun is grow 5 years continuously since 2002 the fastest company, maintain 15% ~ each years the rate of 20% rises, peaceful is overcome 2005 outstanding achievement appears negative growth, power division appears two years continuously negative growth. What be so driving oscillograph market grow, each manufacturer these year is coming how match powers?

Go 5 years, the market power that oscillograph technology expands still basically comes from the computer, communication and consumption kind electronic industry. In these 5 years, there were two kinds of bus lines and interface to get develop all-timely and gain ground on the market, namely USB2.0 of general and serial interface and aether net, today, these two nouns had been an engineer no longer have term only, although not be widely known, also be to gain ground very much. Electronic business is very rare need not of network equipment, USB appears in mobile phone, PDA not only (palmtop computer) , in digital camera, the machine that heats up coffee repeatedly even uses it, although we cannot say each computer and mobile phone deploy USB, but the computer that does not provide USB and mobile phone had seen very hard in today's market.

No matter be USB or aether net, international standard organization establishs test standard. It is with USB exemple, want to make USB government number in the product, the product must check attestation through USB consistency, and oscillograph is the main instrument that finishs attestation of this one test | Appearance. Can say so, USB technology is right of oscillograph market drive result cannot do not have. Of course, also can say, oscillograph is right of USB technology gain ground result cannot do not have. To the manufacturer with a few lesser dimensions, the likelihood buys a complete set of to check attestation to test equipment without sufficient funds, can appeal to test attestation lab at USB2.0, at present chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan shares 3 to be organized by international the test attestation center of accredit, the standard attestation of the SGS of the 100 beautiful peaceful that is Taiwan respectively, Taiwan, Hong Kong checks a center (HKSTC) . Among them the oscilloscope that 100 beautiful peaceful uses Anjielun and peaceful gram, SGS and HKSTC use Anjielun's oscillograph to undertake attestation checks only.
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