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Technology of numerical control machine tool develops a tendency
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High speed, nicety, compound, intelligence and green are the general trend that technology of numerical control machine tool develops, in last few years, in practical change and the respect such as industrialization obtains delectable result. Main show is in:
1. The machine tool is compound the technology expands as numerical control machine tool the technology progresses further, compound processing technique is mature with each passing day, include mill - car compound, Che Xi compound, car - boring - auger - gear cutting compound, the car is ground compound, figuration is compound treatment, special type is compound treatment, the precision of compound treatment and efficiency rise greatly. "A machine tool is a processing factory " , " hold card, complete treatment " wait for a concept to be being accepted by more person, evolution of compound treatment machine tool is presenting the state of diversification.
2. Intelligence changes a technology to the intelligence of machine tool of new breakthrough numerical control changes a technology to have new breakthrough, got on the function of numerical control system more reflect. Be like: Self-correcting interference prevents the collision function, workpiece after cutting off the power to exit place of safety automatically to cut off the power to spare parts of protective function, treatment detects and compensate study function, high accuracy automatically to machine spare parts intelligence to change parameter to choose process of function, treatment to eliminate a machine tool automatically shake waited for a function to enter practical change level, intelligence changes the function that promoted a machine tool and character.
3. The robot makes flexible change assorted efficiency of taller robot and lead plane flexible change combination to get applied extensively, make flexible line more agile, function is farther patulous, flexible the line shortens further, efficiency is taller. Grinding machine of machine tool of compound machine tool, grinder, gear cutting, tool, report machines robot and machining center, Che Xi machine tool of machine tool of machine tool, sawing machine, punch, laser beam machining, water cut machine tool those who comprise a variety of forms is flexible unit and flexible product line has begun to apply.
4. The treatment precision that accurate processing technique had gold of new progress numerical control to cut a machine tool already the filar class from before (0.01mm) promote current micron form (0.001mm) , some breed already achieved 0.05 μ M to control. Exceed the imperceptible cutting of machine tool of rigid numerical control and grinding treatment, precision can be stabilized achieve left and right sides of 0.05 μ M, appearance precision can amount to left and right sides of 0.01 μ M. The non-traditional machining precision that uses the sources of energy such as smooth, report, chemistry can reach accept rice level (0.001 μ M) . Through machine tool structure the design is optimized, the superfinishing of machine tool component and nicety are assembled, the dynamic error such as the full closed-loop control that uses high accuracy and temperature, vibration compensates a technology, raise the geometrical precision that the machine tool machines, reduce form surface roughness of error, surface, enter thereby inferior class of rice of micron, accept superfinishing times.
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