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The entrance replaces trade of the machine tool that prop up long-term to good
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Data origin: Institute of negotiable securities of Gardener, Bohai Sea we think, machine tool industry in downstream demand structure of exuberant, product upgrades, the entrance is replaced, below the situation that exports rapid growth, the good state that carries long-term rapid development, have long-term investment value consequently. Depend on at partial exit relatively model make kind of trade, machine tool industry has an advantage more, give an industry " value " investment grade.
The take turns prosperity of downstream industry makes machine tool industry long-term be in boom state. Machine of car, shipbuilding, project, aerospace, generate electricity the industry such as equipment all is machine tool industry is downstream, in recent years these industry take turns flourish, gave alternate of machine tool industry to prop up, make machine tool industry is in boom height for a long time, periodic feature is apparent desalt. The cycle of this round of boom that we begin machine tool trade from 2001 returns to be pulled for demand move model, product requirement is more also the dominant industry that body changes level in heavy industry now, we more value industry of heavy-duty machine tool.
Need to prop up industry boom inside as before
Industry of our country machine tool needs exuberant situation to fall to develop flourishingly inside. Gold cut a machine tool 2007 586 businesses are total the gross value of industrial output that finish 76.87 billion yuan, grow 28.0% compared to the same period; The product sells production value 74.78 billion yuan, grow 28.8% compared to the same period; Product sale is led 97.3% , increased 0.6 percent compared to the same period. As large as machine tool tool trade 35.5% , 36.2% , 97.6% photographs are compared, part low 7.5, 7.4, 0.3 percent. From the point of gross value of industrial output and product sale production value, gold cut a machine tool 2007 is machine tool tool add in large trade fast the slowest child industry, but gold of numerical control of guild of machine tool tool cuts machine tool key to contact a company crop and production value grew compared to the same period respectively 2007 34.1% with 44.8% , of industry of tool of outclass machine tool add fast, the development posture that cuts because of gold of this numerical control is close friends be cut at gold and industry of machine tool tool.
Industry competition will be centered at high-end product
Exit of product of our country machine tool is at present opposite still less, and the product of exit is low end more common model product, high-end product exit is little little, in the meantime, the machine tool rectifies a mechanism to build medium crucial function component to include bar of numerical control system, main shaft, department, electric machinery to wait to all need an import for the most part. And our country industry upgrades the product structure that drove machine tool industry upgrades, what our country gold cuts machine tool product to already completed the first step that needs by light industry place nowadays is common model machine tool product (be like lathe) the product of the high accuracy that transfers to change times place to need to heavy industry, tall stability (like machine tool of machining center, grinder, milling machine, special treatment) etc.
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