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Chinese project machine innovates to just can ask a vessel the world independent
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Come from Chinese project machine to be versed in the newest statistic of trade association makes clear, the sales revenue of industry of Chinese project machinery broke through 210 billion yuan 2007, the 4th rank in our country machinist job, in industry of world project machinery, sales revenue is next to the United States, row the 2nd, existing market gross already occupied the close 1/6 of world market.

Current, project machinery industry of China not only decisive place is had in global person of the same trade, also be one of the most active markets on the world, to " make big country " and " production powerful nation " stride. "15 " during, industry of Chinese project machinery year all increase rate exceeds 24% , exit forehead rises the 8.5 billion dollar 2007 from the 224 million dollar 1998, 10 years turned over 37 times. 10 years ago, foreign brand is occupational Chinese engineering is a few more mechanical the major market of main type, chinese engineering is mechanical nowadays product not only push foreign brand a Chinese market, basic and occupational divide all markets beyond grab, and exit arrives Euramerican wait for project machine powerful nation, nearly 5 years export increases every year with the speed of 63% .

The force of world asking a vessel comes from where

It is what force lets industry of Chinese project machinery develop so quickly in last few years, capable to ask a vessel the world? The reporter arrived a few days ago limited company of group of Xuzhou project machinery (group of abbreviation Xu industry) , the couplet in Changsha is versed in science and technology develops Inc. again (heavy division of the couplet in abbreviation) , Hunan 31 groups limited company (31 groups of abbreviation) , Inc. of machinery of intelligence of Hunan the land of country (intelligence of abbreviation the land of country, recipe depended on industry of Chinese project machinery choosing the development path of an own innovation. Han Xuesong of director of association of industry of Chinese project machinery thinks: "Except domestic and international market mechanical to the project industry grows very advantageous besides, can maintain rapid growth in recent years, should be attributed to own innovation. Should be attributed to own innovation..

The own innovation of an industry, it is the innovation of the product above all. The group of bibcock Xuzhou engineering of industry of domestic project machinery produces the series product of project machine and fundamental component, among them the product of 70% is domestic banner level, the product of 10% achieves international contemporary and advanced level. Couplet weighs the dominant product of the 13 old series of division production, 350 many breed in, product category is the same as an industry more than an any international are famous enterprise, obtained the attestation such as safety of Gost of European Ce, Russia, Korea, be judged to be " China of 2006 worlds market (mechanical) brand of 10 large year " . The vehicle of pump of 66 meters of jib that 31 groups represent level of international advanced technique at was being developed in October 2007, ask vessel auspicious record of Ni Sishi bound. A group of numbers can explain new product grows medium contribution to lead in the industry year after year rises. Production value of new product of industry of domestic project machinery grows speed to be nearly 3 years compared to the same period: 2004 20.9% , 2005 33.3% , 2006 35.6% ; And the proportion that new product production value holds industry total production value is respectively: 2004 24.4% , 2005 27.5% , 2006 30.5% .
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