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Growth of steely production low speed is helpful for market stability
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Begin from last year, our country iron and steel produces fast growth posture to get turning round gradually, production of 3 thumb mark adds steel, iron, capable person fast drop steadily, among them crude steel production is in last year December compared to the same period amplitude falls in recent years 4.6 % of lowest. This year 1, Feburary, crop of steel, iron, material continues to maintain low growth position, among them crude steel grew 5.8 % compared to the same period January, grew 7 % Feburary, 1 - accumulative total grew 6.4 % Feburary. Cast iron grew 4.7 % January, grew 10.1% Feburary, 1 - accumulative total grew 7.3 % Feburary. Rolled steel grew 12.4 % January, grew 12.2 % Feburary, 1 - accumulative total grew 12.3 % Feburary. Can see from next graphs steely production falls fast apparent, and still be in low speed condition at present.

From the point of change of production of breed of main rolled steel, different breed difference is bigger. Build rolled steel to produce more low waste among them, our country reinforcing steel bar produced 7.49 million tons January this year, grow 1.5 % only compared to the same period, produced 663 tons Feburary, drop compared to the same period 0.8 % , feburary day of reinforcing steel bar all crop has two hundred and twenty-eight thousand seven hundred tons only, fall basically to come lowermost level. Wire birth rate is same on the low side, january wire crop 6.2 million tons, grow 3.17 % compared to the same period, produced 5.6 million tons Feburary, drop compared to the same period 0.9 % , among them Feburary wire day all crop 193 thousand tons, also be the inferior level that comes nearly two years. Look from demand angle, because our country economy still is in rapidder development state of affairs, the demand that builds rolled steel carries outspread state, and the small blown away by wind that builds rolled steel production wanders, to building rolled steel market character will arise support action extremely by force undoubtedly.

In plank respect, especially at present production still carries hot-rolling plate rising condition. In Feburary thick board and the day that hot-rolling board coils all crop still achieves a history new tall. In January thick board total output achieves 4.77 million tons, grow 25 % compared to the same period; In Feburary thick board crop 4.7 million tons, grow 26.7 % . 1, manufacturing amplitude maintained higher level Feburary, but opposite last year annual the amplitude of 35.2 % , in thick board manufacturing rhythm also puts delay somewhat. From which thick board in light of demand, in recent years market of domestic and international shipbuilding and project machine market are in all the time exuberant period, among them industry of East Asia shipbuilding is right the demand amplitude of boat board achieves 35 % above, increment of demand of project machine market is in 40 % above, accordingly, although our country is medium thick board manufacturing put into high gear, but the need that still satisfies home and circumjacent market hard, this also is medium thick board the main reason that the market maintains prosperity.
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