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Hand in in planer of mill of bitumen road surface is built to get offline on the
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Brand-new administrative thinking, brand-new design concept, the brand-new mode that make, own research and development, design makes neighborhood group piece new-style -- FJS2000 double lie lead plane of axial concrete agitate, according to website of Chinese project machine (Www.6300.net) know, this lead plane came true to span on a lot of design and job, concept of efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection mixer, for green high-powered concrete production provides strong safeguard.
1, compulsive agitate is characteristic: Agitate arm installation is on hexagonal agitate axis, whole is formed discontinuous model helix structure, edge axial and radial produce three-dimensional agitate space.
2, cochlea agitate coming back is characteristic: Turn two agitate center is formed in the process, the boundary that is in two agitate center formed vortex agitate division. The agitate result in agitate area is the strongest, all can pledge in what concrete achieves inside the shortest time quality, workability is optimal.
3, axial end is sealed: Use lube to fill value and gas district double and sealed, can ensure the axis carries sealed service life, this technology already achieved home to precede, international is advanced level.
4, discharge door is sealed structure: Use international advanced balata is sealed, use balata and arc board impaction and correctional implementation prevent leakage completely; Prejudicial structure makes expect the door more save labour, close closer.
5, arm of scaleboard, lamina, agitate: Use design of special cast steel, tigidity is good. Installation uses clipper-built design in the lamina on agitate arm, retrorse agitate is two groups of lamina, the vortex flow that enhances pair of concrete circulates; Arc scaleboard is crossing-over design, the 65Mn that carries scaleboard to be high strenth board, wearability is stronger.
6, automatic lubricant system: The center lubricates automatically the system lubricates for completely substantive at 4 o'clock work, ensure even and effective ground is agitate axis sealed system offers lubricating oil.
7, transmission system: Use transmission of involute planet decelerate; Gimbal drive ensures the fast circumgyrate such as synchronism of two agitate axis; Use connection of confine of fission type spline with agitate axis, transmission stability is better.

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