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Electric machinery of first truly energy-saving three-dimensional permanent magn
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Pumping unit itself is very bad news can, one year bad news report costs traditional pumping unit tremendous. Nowadays, this lasted the world head stage that hopeful of old energy-saving difficult problem succeeds as Zhejiang university development is three-dimensional of permanent magnetism electric machinery it is better to gain ground to use and get solve.

Cheng institute teachs electrician of university of inventor of electric machinery of three-dimensional permanent magnetism, Zhejiang Xie Yunyue says, use the new-style pumping unit that electric machinery of three-dimensional permanent magnetism makes, will inner rigid structure made tremendous change, leave out a variety of intermediate link, body quantitative change is little, when exercise power consumption can drop 50% above.

Foliaceous professor says, the whole configuration of electric machinery of three-dimensional permanent magnetism differs completely with all sorts of existing permanent magnetism electric machinery, its biggest characteristic is in electric machinery two end increased electric machinery of a permanent magnetism each, with 3 group of dispersive electric machinery synthesizes the electric machinery of a whole, the electric machinery of similar volume, three-dimensional electric machinery outputs power to be able to rise significantly. This machine already was in at present try out of Central Plains oil field a year. Current, this product already won 5 of accredit of national Patent Office practical and new-style patent. Central Plains oil field detects of the center detect result criterion makes clear, compare with traditional pumping unit, the new-style pumping unit that used this electric machinery but section report 53.9% , and bulk of new-style electric machinery is lightsome, every compare vintage electric machinery but little cover an area of 1 mu.

Current, this electric machinery and new-style pumping unit already were in Beijing limited company of equipment of oil of spaceflight Lin Quan throws production, the oil field such as Daqing already began batch to order this product. According to Kuang Suan, if this are new,the product can apply generally in countrywide oil field, annual only energy-saving the economic benefits of a generation can amount to one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan.

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