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Quality of Anhui join forces, environment management passes examine and verify
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8 years in March 12, 14 days, anhui evaluates a center (system of the quality to the company, environment management runs group of CQC) select examine and verify the state undertakes supervisory examine and verify.
Inside two half weekday, group of examine and verify checks the content of examine and verify in the watch and method of examine and verify according to what beforehand weaves, serious and meticulous sampling and inquiry had in relevant job site, process of whole examine and verify is objective, judicial.
According to website of Chinese project machine (Www.6300.net) learns, on March 14 midday, group of examine and verify held summary of supervisory examine and verify to meet. On the meeting, zhang Xu of group leader of examine and verify east announce: Pass examine and verify, look from whole, of system of quality of Inc. of Anhui join forces, environment management moving is effective, appropriate, the company can continue to use ISO9001: 2000 with ISO14001: 2004 attestation certificate. At, the company manages supervisory examine and verify of the system twice smoothly through quality, environment.
The member that country of company leader Yang An, Xu Songbai, Ma Qingfeng and company quality, environment manages the careful inside the system twice, and was participated in early or late by the delegate of unit of examine and verify of supervisory examine and verify meet to meet and be summed up meeting

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