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Report of Chinese industry progress was reached 2008 guess
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2008, greeted Chinese reforming and opening 30 years. Come 30 years, china produced the change of world-shaking: Chinese economy gross ranks the world the 4th, gross of Chinese foreign trade ranks the world the 3rd. Chinese economy has made global economy get the person that run, according to the data that world bank publishs, since our country joined WTO 2001, the average contribution rate that Chinese economy growth increases to world economy is achieved 13% .

What element drive be does the economy that big country is as long as a such Chinese population 30 years grow? Economist people consider to make clear, in a lot of element, chinese economy grows the strong trend that showed industrialization guiding. the Chinese economy that rises to high speed, chinese industry produced decisive effect. Review the past 2007, the look; that a lot of window attracted a whole world is looked into 2008, have more give guessing that Chinese industry imagines with expecting to mix.

2007 Chinese industry 8 big hotspots

(One) GDP amplitude is achieved 11.4% . Reforming and opening 30 years, chinese economy grows quickly continuously, from 1979-2006 year, chinese GDP year all grow 9.8%; from 2003-2007 year, chinese GDP year all grow 10% 10% above. No matter Chinese industry is the proportion that takes gross domestic product, the contribution that still increases to economy is led, exceeded 50% .

(2) the seventeen big demonstrate of the party is new-style industrialized development direction. The Chinese Communist that attract worldwide attention the seventeenth times congress is held at was in Beijing on October 15, 2007. Seventeen big report emphasizes accelerating change economy to develop way, drive industrial structure to optimize upgrade, hold to Chinese characteristic new-style industrialized road, insist to enlarge domestic demand to consume the guiding principle of demand especially, stimulative economy growth pulls tendercy to rely on consumption, investment, exit to coordinate by main support investment, exit pull use change, by belt of main support secondary industry tendercy is relied on the first, the 2nd, tertiary industy drives change in coordination, by main support augmentation qualitative resource is used up to main support quality of progress of science and technology, laborer rises, administrative innovation change. With " scientific progress is watched " promote " national economy good rapid development " , point to clear direction for new-style industrialization.

(3) hold to Chinese characteristic own innovation road, become the main subject of Chinese industrialization. Our country circles month of exploration satellite the first times -- , goddess in the moon month of a visit is successful, it is our country the project of sex of a mark that improves innovation of own innovation ability, construction country. Innovate independently, especially own technology innovates, becoming the strategic issue of a key in Chinese industrialized process. In this one process, on one hand, need develops property of new and high technology in order to extend industrial space, on the other hand, need realizes new and high technology to be the same as the union of traditional industry. Very apparent, make full use of of global innovation resource, of open mode " compositive innovation " , the mainstream pattern that becomes own innovation.
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