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Sale exceeded mould trade last year 60 billion
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From start now, industry of our country mould had taken half many century. From 20 centuries since, our country begins to value the progress of mould industry, put forward a government to want to support the development of mould industry, exhibit in order to drive the bitter fleabane break out of manufacturing industry. Concerned expert expresses, the finished cost of our country is relatively inferior, the mould machines course of study to mature with each passing day, technical level rises ceaselessly, personnel quality rises considerably, domestic investment climate is better and better, all sorts of advantageous elements make increasing abroad enterprise chooses the base that our country machines as the mould. Mould industry is during 915 " of " will face the chance that flies again.

Sale exceeded mould trade last year 60 billion

In " 15 " plan in, the mould is considered as the fundamental tooling " that " industry produces, the industry of 5 big pillar of national economy? ? Mechanical, electron, car, petrifaction, building asks mould industry grows to suit to it.

Statistical data shows, "During 15 " , chinese mould industry year growth rate is achieved 20% , mould sale amounted to 61 billion yuan 2005, grow 25% compared to the same period, the platoon is in the world the 3rd; Mould export increases considerably, show mould level and competition ability rise, according to custom statistic, the mould exported 740 million dollar 2005, grow 50% above compared to the same period; Mould product structure more hasten is high-grade, complex, nicety, macrobian mould share rises 30% .

As we have learned, the main type of the mould has: Far away! ⒍ rapids! ⑺ summer ancienting name for a water catltrop! ⒀ blames  ! Wu of benzene of ⒎ Xie ┮ ! ⒉ A  ! Bad news of ⑾ a mythical bird like the phoenix 5 take Ti of mill of Piao of 3  branny duty to hang delicacy of Yun Guo   of  of leech of  of # of barren of decadent of brighting attentively of border of be favored with of > of banner of gum children's hair and the word is stupefied border and pull cough emperor of decadent of whistle of   which > in all Mu Xi Shang Wei:

The industry drives scale to be as high as 1:100

In fact, the mould is to belong to borderline subject, it involves mechanical design to make, plasticity treatment, cast, a lot of course such as physics of material of metallic stuff and its heat treatment, high polymer, metal, caky theory, pulverous metallurgy, plastic, balata, glass, domain and industry.

According to statistical data, the mould can drive his the scale of relevant industry is 1:1 about00, namely the mould develops 100 million yuan, can drive relevant industry 10 billion yuan. Process a product through the mould, can improve manufacturing efficiency greatly, managing raw material, reduce specific power consumption and cost, maintain product tall consistency to wait. Nowadays, the mould manufactures efficiency because of its good, material uses up quality of tall, product manufacturing cost is low, low and got applied in all trades and professions, and be industry of new and high technology directly serve; It is especially in manufacturing industry, it is removing other industry to not have desirable the function propping up that supersede, exerting the influence of radiation sex to the development of region economy.
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