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Wish to cooperate cheek by jowl with China via joining an organization
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According to Afp report, on March 25, 2008, guliya expresses the secretary-general of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development that undertaking working visitting in Beijing, hope China participates in the activity that organizes via closing morely, hope China joins this organization, although at present this topic for discussion has not include program.

Gu Liya expresses, china and the relation that organize via closing special, special ground is close. Participate in what lack China in the round, it is important that this organization cannot develop play to the world with relevant action.

Gu Liya expresses on the news conference, this depends on Chinese apiration. If China wishs to become the member that organize via closing, that will be first-rate thing.

Gu Liya points out, may 2007, via joining an organization decision of conference of council minister class and China and Brazil, south Africa, India and Indonesia are begun " more close cooperation " . Russia, Chile, Slovenian, Estonia and Israel are joining thing and classics to add up to an organization to negotiate. These 5 countries will be organized via closing at was not joined. Other blame member has not give special interest via adding up to an organization to express to be being joined formally.

Gu Liya expresses, the collaboration of hope and China has structural sex more, have an organization more, hope China participates in the activity that organizes via closing morely.

Before this, ancient Si Madisen is held high in economist " outstanding achievement of Chinese long-term economy " on the news briefing of one book, gu Liya ever emphasized Chinese future the position in world economy.

Occupy Ma Disen to forecast, chinese gross domestic product will exceed the United States 2015. And some of other learned man considers as 2020, some forecasting for 2025. Mr Ma Disen is in " outstanding achievement of Chinese long-term economy " speak of in one book, to 2030, 1/4 what Chinese gross domestic product will take the world.

The report says, current, gross domestic product of Chinese average per capita amounts to Western Europe and Japan only the level 1990.

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