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Product of 3 big main trends gets project machine each coquettish
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Machinery of scraper instrument, concrete, excavating machinery remains product of 3 large main force.
Among them, fork-lift truck continues to carry on ascendant situation, achieve the history again first half of the year this year new tall, predicting amplitude won't under 15%(2004 year guild statistic number controls) for 100 thousand, caused numerous enterprise to go all out eagerly inside domain of this one product kill. Bring the true meaning that countless heroes contest bows to still depend on, more and more fork-lift truck produce an enterprise to earn a product not to make money only.
Will look from the amount, grab is the 2nd old product that is next to fork-lift truck, ceng Yinchao passes the increase rate of 70% and for a time cut a dash, in the meantime, also be to got one of products with the biggest impact last year. The forms for reporting statistics first half of the year shows this year, best month appeared many 4000 sales volume, small-sized dig machine (10 tons the following) market is better, sale of 30 tons of above is stabler, 20~22 ton mainstream breed, the likelihood is the cause that manufacturer home centers overly, have slow-moving case instead.
Overall look, enter since 2005, grab market already presented stable state basically. Total first half of the year sales volume already went more than year of the corresponding period, achieve 16 thousand. Eliminate goes year first quarter add out of order fast, the smooth state this year is good at in former years. Predicting annual amplitude is controlled in 5%~10% . Stop the office that market of grab of half an year can visit another times depends on, grab rises in price generally 2.5% , weak condition treats in the market, these enterprises that give priority to with foreign capital, the purpose has only, want to maintain market share already, should maintain company profit more. Cause from this plainting is, foreign capital company holds the product of market dominant to be able to rise in price, and be in early days the premise of level of higher profit margin falls, went up again even, and the place that it is city is accepted. And the product that homebred machine takes dominant, such as fork-lift truck, although profit very little also wants endure with all one's might to wear!
Squeezing ramming machinery, build machine of maintain a road, have heavy carriage machine and did not go generally firm because of the market first half of the year, and occurrence a favourable turn. Contrary, these industries or project take the classification with weaker force in mechanical industry, still show tired out sign.
Concrete machinery equipment may be one of products that project machine still can hold better profit dominant position, because of its bibcock enterprise the reason of the enterprise such as 31 heavy industry, also be the most conspicuous child industry, caused more and more capital to enter from this. Believe to be in future inside 23 years, will be the product with pattern the biggest change.

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