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Mechanical foundation, industrial development results from own innovation and in
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Long-term since, our country is right mechanical foundation the significant position in machinist job knows inadequacy, severe shortage is devoted, mechanical foundation the bottleneck phenomenon that lags behind at lead plane is shown increasingly. In recent years, although the respect waits in development of transfer of technology, technical reformation, scientific research, the country gave certain support, but compare with current market demand and foreign level photograph, function index general interest is equivalent to 20 centuries of foreign 80 age level. Still put in product breed little, level low, quality is flabby calm, inchoate fault rate the problem such as tall, dependability difference.

Although our country foundation product exit has finite advantage, but basically be labor concentrated model product, amount big, value low, technology is add the cost is not high. Accordingly, "915 " plan to put forward, accelerate revitalize equipment manufacturing industry, accelerate development industry of advanced manufacturing industry, new and high technology and contemporary service line of business, continue to strengthen the infrastructure construction of the fundamental industry such as traffic, the sources of energy, irrigation works, for mechanical foundation can last of the industry development created chance. In the meantime, of process of world economic integration accelerate, will be helpful for manufacturer of domestic mechanical component depending on make, the advantage such as cost increases exit strength, extend huge international market further.

Mechanical foundation medium main branch bearing child in light of the industry, in " 15 " during got developing quickly, add on average fast far outclass GDP, predict " 915 " during the growth level that will still maintain prep above GDP. "915 " during, bearing product development basically is bearing of form a complete set of key lead plane and bearing of new and high technology mainly.

Current, our country home is engaged in the enterprise of bearing industry be as high as 1413, market of before 10 businesses is had rate is only 19.89% , the market of before 50 enterprises is had rate for 47.24% , the market is spent centrally inferior, the free competition condition that the industry is in civilian battalion enterprise to intervene intensify layout with foreign capital enterprise in a large-scale. Accordingly, actual strength of research and development is only abundant in the industry, the company ability with own innovation strong capability shows itself in competition, have internationalization competition advantage then. Otherwise, below the formidable competition pressure of foreign capital enterprise and civilian battalion enterprise, its future growing foreground nots allow hopeful.

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