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Compressor of small-sized to our country air collects the European Union oppose
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European Union committee decides 17 days, the lump coke that exceeds 80 millimeter to the diameter that imports from China and small-sized air compressor are collected oppose dumping tax.

According to this decision, the diameter that China exports to the European Union exceeds the lump coke of 80 millimeter, if net cost under every tons of 197 euro, will be collected to oppose dumping tax; If prep above every tons of 197 euro, do not collect oppose dumping tax. Collect the term that opposes dumping tax to be 5 years.

In the European Union, product of this kind of coke basically is used be made in insulation, heat insulating materials and cast an industry. According to estimation of European Union committee, the European Union is relevant the manufacturing cost of the enterprise will raise 1 % because of this commerce safeguard.

European Union committee returned a decision that day, to the small-sized air that imports from China compressor is collected most be as high as 77. Of 6 % oppose dumping tax, by a definite date two years. China is defeated by problem of compressor of Europe small-sized air to cause great difference in European Union interior for a time. This year in Feburary, peter Mandeersenli of commissioner of European Union trade advocate in be opposite, compressor of homebred and small-sized air is not adopted oppose dumping measure, but the opposition that encounters interest of protectionism of trade of European Union interior.

Incident of friction of trade of the Europe in be aimed at, spokesman of news of Chinese Department of Commerce ever expressed before this, square hope European Union exercises restraint in use oppose dumping measure. To in the problem that appears in Europe commerce, square consistent position is passed in talk things over, cooperative means tries to solve

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