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Numerical control technology is changed to intelligence, network, informatizatio
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The development of system of our country numerical control and production, through " 75 " introduce, digest, absorb, "85 " tackle key problem and " 95 " industrialization, obtained very great progress, basically mastered crucial technology, built base of numerical control development, production, fostered one lot number to charge a talented person, preliminary the numerical control industry that formed oneself, also drove Electromechanical control and the development that transmission controls a technology. In the meantime, system of the economy that has Chinese distinguishing feature numerical control passes these year of development that come, the function of the product and dependability had bigger rise, be approbated by the user gradually.

The overall development tendency that technology of system of foreign numerical control develops is: System of new generation numerical control is changed to PC and architecture way develops open type; Actuating device develops to direction of communication, digitlization; Enhance communication function, develop to network; Numerical control system changes development to intelligence on control function.

Enter 21 centuries, human society will enter intellectual economy period stage by stage, knowledge will become science and technology and the sth used to one's own advantage that produce progress and motive force, and machine tool industry, regard down to of machine building, industry as the equipment branch that whole countryman economy grows, without doubt, its are strategical significant position, suffer heavy visual range to spend, also more bright and will outstanding.

In recent years, machine tool of our country numerical control maintains two digit growth all the time. 2001, production value of our country machine tool industry already entered the world the 5th, machine tool expenditure rises in world rank the 3rd, amount to 4.739 billion dollar, be next to 5.367 billion dollar of the United States. Production value amounted to 26 billion yuan 2002, crop resides the world the 4th. But compare with developed country photograph, numerical control of our country machine tool is changed rate is not high still, at present numerical control of manufacturing production value is changed rate still be less than 30% ; Consumptive cost numerical control is changed rate still be less than 50% , and the developed country is in mostly 70% the left and right sides. Because machine tool of homebred numerical control cannot satisfy the requirement of the market, the numerical control machine tool of high quality scales and component of form a complete set can rely on an entrance only, make the entrance forehead of our country machine tool presents ascendant state of year after year, entrance machine tool was jumped 2001 litre to the world the 2nd, amount to 2.406 billion dollar, than going up year of growth 27.3% .

Intelligence changes, the main trend that opens gender, network, informatization to make system of prospective numerical control and progress of numerical control machine tool: Develop to direction of high speed, efficient, high accuracy, high reliability; Change to modular, intelligence, flexible change, network and compositive change directional development; Be changed to PC-based and open sexual direction development; Appear craft of treatment of new generation numerical control and equipment, machining to fictitious production way develops; IT (IT) the union with the machine tool, advanced machine tool will get Electromechanical unifinication development; Accept rice technology will form new development tide, will have new breakthrough; Machine tool of energy-saving environmental protection will develop quickly, occupational and broad market.
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