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Steely course of study increased 60 billion to 70 billion cost
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Economy observes a newspaper: After this mine price rises, we are computative the cost of every tons of steel rose only left and right sides of 140 yuan of RMBs, and market whorl steel went up every tons 500 yuan of above, a lot of people think to go up exorbitant, whether is this steelworks is borrowing machine rise in price?
Qi Xiangdong: You this algorithm is incorrect. This mine price rises very high really, exceeded the anticipation of people, at the same time price of other raw material also is rising. It is every tons of mine so the FOB of 47 dollars, went up 65% later it is 77.55 dollars, still need to add 62 dollars again (highest when 90 dollars) marine cost, plus the haven port sundry fees of 3 millesimals, it is every tons of 140 dollars to harbor price. After the freight that adds the value added tax of 13% and inland to the factory again, it is every tons of mine the price reaching a plant of 1200 yuan of RMBs. The mine pink that imports this rises in price 71% , its have very large proportion in mine of our country entrance, such mine price are higher.
By refine of 1.55 tons of mine 1 ton of iron calculate, every tons of cast iron the iron ore cost with respect to 1860 yuan. Those basically use the steelworks of long-term agreement mine, this ore rises in price bring about every tons of cast iron to make cost go up 25% the left and right sides. Other raw material also rises considerably like the price of coking coal. Calculate come down, steely production cost is rising considerably.
Economy observes a newspaper: Price of mine of Tang Shan merchandise on hand has gone to every tons 1900 yuan, every tons taller than long-term agreement price 300 control to 500 yuan. Price of long-term agreement mine why in successive years rises, whether seeing value of mine of merchandise on hand?
Qi Xiangdong: Iron ore is long-term the agreement rises in price is a variety of elements cause, long-term agreement price and photograph of spot market price are associated, it is an among them element, this mine price rises to still have a few factors:
The first, since 2002, global economy is successive fast growth of 7 years, bring the addition of pair of rolled steel demand.
The 2nd, mine price rises considerably begin from 2004. Before some year, supply as a result of iron ore enough, mine price is on the low side, it is reasonable that its rise moderately, accord with market economy rule, but price of successive and old mine rises to be maintained very hard considerably go down.
The 3rd, still having a main factor is the dollar depreciates continuously, iron ore commerce with dollar valuation, currency of mineral products home products appreciates continuously again, do not rise in price to was equal to iron ore to depreciate. Additional, consult with international oil price even, oil price has gone up to 100 much dollars from every pails of 20 much dollars, of the dollar devalue caused resource sex of raw product price rise substantially.
Current, two kinds of when steely production needs main raw material namely iron ore and coke are in rise in price, although mine price does not rise this year, we are calculated, cast iron cost suffers raw material price to become warped this year end influence also should rise 25% the left and right sides, charcoal of its the part of the body cavity between the diaphragm and the umbilicus housing the spleen becomes warped end rises 23.6% , entrance mine becomes warped end rises 37.5% , homebred mine becomes warped end rises 63.8% . Become warped the meaning of end is this year the price January and annual is average last year of the price than.
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