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Chemical fibber machinery develops to new and high domain quickly
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Last year, crop of our country chemical fiber exceeds 20 million tons, 48% what hold world total output; This year, chemical fibber crop still the growth rate with two digit is overwhelm. The addition of chemical fibber crop cannot leave technical equipment, but the amount that cannot rely on to add low-level equipment only. Want to raise the level that the technology equips, cannot use addition, and should use multiplication. This multiplication should innovate namely, seek progress through innovating, of the addition that realizes an amount, cost reduce, of benefit rise.

Traditional equipment is already mature

The technical equipment of trade of convention of our country chemical fibber is already mature, the technology that offerred cheap of beauty of a large number of advanced, applicable, content, price for production of chemical fibber industry equips.

Our country sticks glue fibrous to produce is from go up 60 time begin the century. The fiber sticking gum at that time is thin product line produces per year 3400 tons, filament produces per year 2000 tons, construction is periodic long, efficiency low, specific power consumption is tall. Develop up to now, the single track of our country short staple produces per year a quantity to achieve 45 thousand tons, filament sticking gum from spin development to arrive to be spun continuously continuously partly, arrive from filter-press sieve filter, arrive from drip washing pressure wash, the Chan Xiaozheng that reclaims from acerbity fluid sends much effect to evaporate, had qualitative flight.

Polyester fiber produces the dominant property that is industry of our country chemical fibber, crop occupies the 80% above of chemical fibber total output. Homebred polyester device relied on an entrance entirely in the past, single track produces per year a quantity to be 60 thousand tons. Now, the homebred polyester device that single track produces per year 200 thousand tons has matured and batch is produced. Among them, "Produce per year 200 thousand tons of polyester craft of 4 boiler flow and equipment research and development and homebred turn project of polyester device seriation " achieved a breakthrough. Now, more massive homebred polyester plant is grinding hair.

Product line of polyester short staple begins year of crop when research and development to have hundreds of tons only, develop to produce per year 4000 tons later, 7500 tons, 15 thousand tons, 30 thousand tons, till produce per year 50 thousand tons single track to had compared maturity now, the single track that produces per year 60 thousand tons also is grinding hair. Winding of high speed of filature of polyester filament high speed, bull shapes and use in aftertreatment treatment add play machine, winding machine to waited to have new development. Additional, the dry method craft of acrylic fibbers, wet the need that the skill that craft production requires equips to basically can satisfy home to produce.

Additional, sirocco craft, hot-rolling craft, pinprick craft, water is satisfied in be not weaving cloth to produce equipment thorn craft and spin the technical equipment that sticks craft need, the manufacturing facilities that place of frit gush craft needs had new breakthrough. What be worth to be carried particularly is, product line of filature of 1313 short staple acquired fragrant fishing line revolutionary development.
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