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Company of American artesian well develops eject of new-style steel bead to cont
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2006, bead of tapping of research and development of company of artesian well of American steel bead pounds artesian well technology, principle of its artesian well is will bulbiform steel bead (50-55Rc) in slop pump infiltrate downstream in artesian well fluid, through tailor-made broach nozzle with 4.8 million / the rate of cent pounds layer. Recently, the research and development of this technology gained new headway -- development goes new-style " crowded note pattern " steel bead eject controls a system.
Before field test confirms, system of infuse of bead of steel of fluid pressure type moves what steel bead maintains hard below pressure to last in Gao Bo infuse. The machinery of new development " crowded note pattern " the system basically relies on cubage type to enter glassware, won't be affected by wildcat pressure, improved work efficiency thereby, widened but working range. New system is right eject / interface establishing a canal undertook improvement designing, can make steel bead falls to enter aggravating slop with what wanting rate jet in action of mechanical extruding force. Additional, after improving electronic-controlled the system is controallable include elevator litre fall, the open of the discharge of steel bead and velocity of flow, valve and shut, all start and stops inside parameter of ejector.

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