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Upsurge of sensor of automobile safety MEMS
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Become flat because of existence hidden trouble, pu Ruisi connected a company to announce recall assembles the tire on the SUV car that produces at Ford 6.5 million times in August 2000, this one incident has urged American government legislation, mandatory each when the requirement leaves factory after rising in September 2007 light-duty car all needs to install an embryo to control the system that monitor (TPMS) . In addition, the United States still announces all 2012 new car must use those who prevent side to break up " electronic stability controls a technology " , because car side breaks up,cause dead number every year in order to decrease.

According to statistic, because highway accident dies,the whole world has 1.17 million person every year about, exceed L, 0 person is injured or cause damage, although only at present the United States used legal measure to be popularized compulsively, the performance that how improves automobile security system effectively makes global car already module and truckload the topic that manufacturer cares most. Study according to the market company BCC Research is forecasted, dimensions of market of global car sensor will grow from the 8 billion dollar 2007 2012 13.5 billion dollar, year compound growing rate is 10.8% . Among them, the abidance that drives MEMS sensor market will strongly to strengthening the demand of car safety performance grows.

The safe gasbag in collision protection sparks control

At present a the most general in automobile security system application uses tall G to be worth what MEMS acceleration sensor undertakes safe gasbag to spark namely. When car and fraise collide, the safe hold together of the person that take at gasbag spread out in time, the direction of the member that multiply forward provides appropriate amortize active force, the high compositive capacity that uses MEMS accelerometer and precision can define more complex gasbag system framework, replace the past thereby system of sensor of many Electromechanical collision, provide more advanced safe protection for the car.

Electron of building family name (Angelo Assimakopoulos of section chief of progress of senior new career expresses Knowles Acoustics) : "MEMS acceleration sensor and gyroscope are the product with market very old demand. More sensor is installed on the car, detect from each angle of railroad car bump force, can make gasbag sparks more effective. This can improve the control to gasbag, it is proper and OK to spark the safety that the oldest rate assures the passenger inside the car. It is proper and OK to spark the safety that the oldest rate assures the passenger inside the car..

On this foundation, american essence measures an electron (Measurement Specialties) is rolled out newly still use peculiar the tensional sensor of small frit technology, carry pair of safety belt pulling force detect the degree that will control gasbag to release further. Market of this company China and Chen Zhen of chief inspector of sale ministry market think, this will be trend of pilot of safety belt of new generation car. Besides, because the acceleration sensor of energy capacity electron uses technology of small damp MASE, avoided to do not have the interference of acceleration sensor noise of damp, and those who use the sampling mode that brings after wave of general damp filter is lack fidelity, can think automobile safety collides and the test of dummy provided more reliable data, because this still is used extensively,at automobile safety collision checks.
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