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Wire cable industry faces new test of European Union green
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European Union EuP dictates, namely " with can product zoology designs a statement " , in principle is applied to have except the place beyond car with can product.

According to the instruction, the specific executive detailed rules of relevant product was rolled out in succession 2010 at coming 2007. EuP instruction is afterwards RoHS after instruction and WEEE dictate, the 3rd when the European Union releases environmental protection that is aimed at product of electronic electric equipment dictates. With WEEE, RoHS instruction photograph is compared, the monitoring range that EuP dictates is wider.

WEEE dictates from wire cable product reclaim processing link begins, to its litter reclaim use raise a requirement; RoHS instruction restricts the use of wire cable product to certain and dangerous material only, monitoring scope is little; And the environmental protection of whole lifecycle controls product of cable of wire of EuP instruction with a view to, make from the choice of raw material, product, pack, carry, cent is sold, installation, maintenance, use reject to reclaim, ask enterprise according to sets parameter, assess relevant environmental impact. This instruction in principle applies to all need to use up energy talent to develop the mechanical and electrical products of function, system of equipment of product of electron of all electric home appliances Overall look, euP instruction basically is right the influence with tremendous generation of business of export of cable of our country wire, wire cable product should gain attestation mark, ability is produced and put Europe on the market; At the same time aborning wants whole journey to monitor the executive result of this instruction, make the manufacturing cost of the enterprise rises considerably, the enterprise that a few short of ask is faced with exit extremely likely not to have the corner of the door.

Plastic to wire cable upper reaches raw material puts forward EuP higher environmental protection demand, the far-reaching influence of the relevant industry such as plastic raw material and auxiliary will be shown gradually.

EuP dictates the requirement undertakes whole product lifecycle " green is made " , include " production of design of green raw material, green, green, green is packed and use, green reclaims with processing " etc all-around green concept, among them " green raw material " reach " green is packed and use " will right plastic wait for relevant industry to produce major effect.

The wire cable product that EuP dictates the requirement enters European Union market is banned with certain and harmful material, this is made with respect to the green of company of requirement wire cable should grab from raw material. When the requirement chooses raw material, design personnel should change traditional select material method, cannot depend on the manufacturing industry thought that occupies a tradition, need falls in the premise of contented and basic function, the consideration is used accord with standard, good environmental protection stuff. Product of cable of our country wire applies in great quantities plastic reach relevant product to be raw material, because this must choose the plastic raw material of little pollution of avirulent, feebleminded bad news, free from contamination or minim according to EuP instruction, choose but secondary material and can reclaim material, in order to raise resource utilization rate. This is plastic to our country reach plastic auxiliary product to raise taller environmental protection requirement.
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