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The machining craft small doohickey that accumulates a few years
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Editor's note: In the mechanical forum in A, hiddden talents of netizen of of all kinds, more important is, they are happy to share, before our netizen sheds afterwards eastwards paragraph after time shared him to be summed up in the experience that opens small-sized machining plant, those who got a netizen is extensive reputably, find the classical card of his small doohickey about machining craft on forum again today, believe to be able to give a lot of person of the same trades the sense of a kind of suddenly see the light. Nod this to enter Yuan Tie to discuss:

Textual as follows:

Boil repeatedly in mechanical industry belt climb fast also a few years, have certain research to craft, although some things are very very small, ordinary, but if we can get inspiration from which, can draw inferences about other cases from one instance, think, want to method works to ours or have very great help. Send the cabinet door of a few craft, hope everybody follows post, progress jointly.

Doohickey one:

Take the gate of vice, other treatment the whorl aperture of two M4, the armor plate 1.5mm of two as smooth as gate Qi Hou 2, the hard yellow copper coin of thick 0.8mm on riveting of the countersunk rivet that use aluminium 3 immerse oneself in its bolt with M4 1 close solid arrives on gate, form the soft gate of wear well. Still can protect a spare parts to be placed bad so, still have interchangeability

Doohickey 2:

Extract small part with magnet (cost) suck and take no-go
Can be in magnet of 1 below suck an iron plate 2
Not only can suck a lot of small
And pull open iron plate small meeting instantly automatic bend is entered collect box inside
Can't move heart but very practical

Doohickey 3:

The leather belt when drive of leather belt annulus annulus often mix skid between axle
On axle the 15~18mm that use ¢ delimits nest of series of nest broach equalize
Can form absorption affinity to prevent to skid so

Become useless to be able to be rewarded for treasure boss

Doohickey 4:

When inside 6 horn spanner 1 handle is short, cannot when exert oneself, can compare internal diameter spanner slightly a bit bigger canal from one Duan Xi chamfer
Insert spanner groove inside, can regard as long handle.

Doohickey 5:

What to say to intensifying workpiece: Locate first again the view of clamp, can you be? I feel to a workpiece, first clamp re-orientation, because the affirmation when clamp can try workpiece to be out of shape, so, should first clamp re-orientation, to locating at 6 o'clock, look for the freedom that limits it to spend.
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