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Homebred come back the problem that digs borer industry and outlet
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Current, our country is changing construction in the large-scale city that have, dug borer to provide capacious market demand to come back. Show according to statistical data, our country shares a city at present more than 660, its go-between mouth has more than 170 in the big city of 1 million above. As the development of national economy, the city changes a process to still will be accelerated. Old city is transformed and the adds newly picket foundation project in new city construction will increase substantially. The investment in planning for a long time by urban construction and country is huge endowment the development that has a project, short-term inside the project project that is about to invest has several one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two RMBs, the market demand that digs borer to coming back holds 2~3 stage to calculate from every city analysis, come back the total amount that digs borer to be in China will achieve 2000 in last few years. As the ceaseless development of industry of construction of our country foundation, construction company understands gradually come back the advantage that digs borer, home had been lifted " come back dig auger " hot. In " come back dig auger " while tropics uses the market, country returns the amount that digs borer to create a company also begins swift and violent growth. But, because our country comes back,the development production that digs borer starts later, no matter be advanced sex of the technology,compare with developed country photograph, still be the dependability of the product, put in quite big difference.

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