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Manage kind of characteristic property that machines harbor of mechanical Zhang
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If who wants to buy about providing the mechanism of kind of treatment, come to Home Zhang harbor makes an on-the-spot investigation, mighting as well is a very well-advised choice.

Home Zhang harbor, a small town, 100 strong counties of countrywide are old 3. Provide kind of mechanism and character, can saying to go up here is China the birthplace that manages kind of treatment facility and production base. The managed kind of treatment machinery to include to involve a metal to provide lumber good material almost all treatment facility of Home Zhang harbor, like metallic fretsaw machine (the machine that cut a canal) , pipe bender, machine pouring wine cup, shrink tubal machine, Taper Pipe machine, sealing machine. . . Etc, use numerical control model from the hand all-embracing. Here, have incomputable of all kinds canal everyday kind treatment machinery sends each district of past whole nation, hold the whole nation 9 into market share. Provide kind of treatment mechanism, make one of characteristic industries of Home Zhang harbor already.

Date from runs kind of development that machines machinery, answering the earliest is to be at the beginning of 90 time, taiwan is in charge of kind of treatment machine manufacturer to invest in Home Zhang harbor above all, in 10 years of many time later, develop by 1 up to now nearly 100, and the manufacturer of form a complete set that derives from this is countless more.

From 1 to 100, what issue to show? Once had discussed this kind of issue with a lot of, this number, in Taiwan be to want not to have the courage to think, the Taiwan a few years ago is in charge of kind of processing technique already gradually hasten is mature, and professional firm also just just a little 10 just. And nowadays, this miracle is able to adapt in a of chinese mainland small town.

Why so magical? Ah, cause had him businessman to be clear about only therein. If you have this kind of demand, might as well make an on-the-spot investigation one time on the spot, goods comparing is not in an unfavorable situation 3 times just is.

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