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The mechanical function of metallic stuff
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General component is the function of metallic stuff technical properties and performance characteristics two kinds. Alleged technical properties is stuff of the metal in showing mechanical spare parts makes a process in treatment the stand or fall of the technical properties of function metal stuff that the expression below the condition of cold, hot-working that decides in place comes out, the suiting that figuration machines in deciding it is making a process ability. Because machine a condition to differ, the technical properties of the requirement is different also, if cast processability of function of function, solderability, forgeability, heat treatment, cutting,wait. Alleged performance characteristics is to show mechanical spare parts is below use condition, metallic stuff shows the performance that come, it includes mechanical function, physics function, chemical function to wait. The stand or fall of metallic stuff performance characteristics, decided its scope of application and service life.

In mechanical manufacturing industry, general and mechanical spare parts is to be in normal temperature, in often be pressed and be not intense caustic medium, use, and in using a process, each machinery spare parts will bear the action of different load. Metallic stuff leaves the property that resistance destroys in load action, call mechanical performance (or call mechanical performance) .

The mechanical function of metallic stuff is the main basis when the design of the spare parts and select material. Adscititious load property is different (for example drawing, compress, turn round, load of concussion, loop) , the mechanical function that asks to metallic stuff also will differ. Commonly used mechanical function includes: Tenacity of intensity, plasticity, hardness, concussion, pound for many times fight force and fatigue limit to wait. All sorts of mechanical performance will debate respectively below.

1. Intensity

Intensity is to point to metallic stuff to issue resistance to destroy in action of static carry on one's shoulder (excessive plasticity is out of shape or rupture) function. Because the effect way of load has drawing, compress, bend, cut wait for a form, so intensity also is divided wait for tensile strength, compressive strength, bending strength, shear strength. There often is certain connection between all sorts of intensity, in using general more regard the most fundamental strength as pressing with a finger with tensile strength.

2. Plasticity

Plasticity is to show metallic stuff is below load action, generation plasticity is out of shape (permanent be out of shape) and infrangible ability.

3. Hardness

Hardness is to measure metallic stuff the finger of soft strong pitch. Hardness method determines in be being produced at present the most commonly used is to control hardness standard, it is the pressure head that uses certain geometry figure the metallic stuff face that is checked is pressed below certain load, according to be being pressed into degree to determine its hardness is worth.
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