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Of scintilla machine maintain with safeguard
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The machine tool is debugged
  1. The machine tool reachs the designated position, put away of the place that appoints according to the client, position is put.
  2. Had paid machine mattess foot, the machine tool is wiped clean, adjust good level.
  3. Add the lubricating oil that pours corresponding grade and oily amount to gasoline tank of machine tool hydraulic pressure, lubricant gasoline tank, slideway, to the machine tool cooling box adds good job juice.
  4. Press the n with rated machine tool, had installed corresponding power source; Add outfit good manostat and machine tool ground wire.
  5. Debug the verticality of main shaft of good machine tool, the each switch pushbutton that checks a machine tool and function are normal.
□ Use note
  1. Machine tool operator must be the course grooms normally qualified personnel, when the machine tool operates personnel to use a machine tool, must look to ripe machine tool operates a manual and understand among them content Fang Kecao to make a machine tool. Before unbaked all machine tool is operated, do not use a machine tool at will, lest produce safe accident.
  2. The outfit clip of tool electrode and corrective must make sure direction of treatment of tool electrode feed is perpendicular at workbench plane.
  3. The attention before treatment checks discharge clearance, must make receive the distance that keeps certain between the tool on different polarity and workpiece to discharge in order to form namely clearance, it is left and right sides of 0.01 ~ 0.1mm commonly.
  4. Want to have enough pulse discharge energy, the voltage pulse weaveform that the pulse power source on the workpiece in assuring to be added in liquid medium and tool electrode outputs is one-way, fuse in order to assure the metal of discharge place or aerification, discharge must undertake in the liquid medium that has certain insulation property.
  5. Accomplish civilized production, after treatment handles an end, must clean clean job site, wipe clean machine tool, and the ability after cutting off systematic power source leaves.
□ The machine tool maintains
  1. According to machining a requirement the choice develops the fluid, way that draw liquid, force of hydraulic pressure of job of reasonable setting, control working fluid height strictly.
  2. The attention checks the filter core of filter of working fluid system, if appear,want to change in time, in order to ensure the cleanness that working fluid can maintain automatically certain is spent, change regularly according to the service life of working fluid.
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