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The end of September will close six leather processing plant in Jiangxi
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As the Chinese government plans to phase out outdated production facilities, in Jiangxi Province later this month will have six leather-related factories were forced to close. According to the authorities said, the production of less than 100,000 pieces of leather enterprises will have to close. Affected by this policy of companies, including Global Industries (phonetic), the company said in a statement the company due to close production facilities will suffer the loss of up to RMB 1,000 million. XinglinLeatherChemicalPlant (transliteration: Xing Lin leather chemical) named above being forced to close six factories, the spokesman said "This is totally unjust and unfair, because we are a leather chemical plant." Another company affected, said "we are engaged in leather production to the finished product from the finishing process, which produces less pollution, and our pollution treatment in accordance with local emission standards." The local government has not yet affected the leather on these companies claim to provide an explanation.
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