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Semiconductor makes equipment industry introduce sophisticated technology
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It is the development pace that catchs up with the technology progresses, industry of semiconductor production facilities, material, component will appear 2008 new research and development of round of product is hot. This industry is introduced in a large-scale newest efficient manufacturing technology, instigated the important task of base of development of tamp electron estate.

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The challenge changes accept rice technology imperceptibly

The blue print of technology of ITRS(international semiconductor that publishs recently) analysed deep 15 years semiconductor technology will develop way henceforth.

Review the contrail that this industry technology develops, we discover, people besides collect the look to High-k of door pole dielectric before look up sex introduces, surmount rub Er is mensurable (hind rub Er mensurable technology) on besides, still pay close attention to memory and system of personal computer cable all the more (the dialog between MEMS) . Was in in November 2007 Hawaiian meeting of held international of ITPC(semiconductor industry) also the diameter the brilliant circle of 450 millimeter, 45 μ M that faces 3D function is thin model Hua Jingyuan, challenge changes the basic topic for discussion that serves as the conference imperceptibly under 45 accept rice.

2008 the task of this industry is, build on afore-mentioned foundations of next generation technologies efficient product line, roll out applied product new plan.

Use chip thin model change technical challenge to change accept rice technology imperceptibly. The field is created in most advanced semiconductor, from brilliant circle chip encloses working procedure to begin to need to calculate those who enclose the chip in process of configuration, production to get strength condition or the pressure that bear the weight of beforehand. Change development imperceptibly to accept rice class as brilliant round product, use at eliminating the Low-k layer that disturbs each other between circuit will flimsier and flimsier. On the other hand, each just begin to introduce compositive degree of taller, cost can be lower thin model change technology of stack 3D chip.

Current, permeate a technology to be able to have realized imperceptible exposure through the liquid, but because film of attack by surprise becomes the figure when resembling,often go form, need to adjust, so each the technological equipment of working procedure, material, film, grind a manufacturer to need to share information, unite foot.

Current, business of large generation industry is coming in working procedure of the line before conformity the equipment of a complete set of that encloses working procedure.

The printed circuit that carried chip board also have be changed imperceptibly and modular the demand of development. Want the train of thought that the singles that seeks convention of manufacturer slam the door fights alone, carry a hand to come, mutual cooperation, in enclose working procedure and advocate board implementation of working procedure domain is shirt-sleeve.
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