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Wireless and high-definition technology goes gradually asymptotic
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From wired arrive wireless, it is people all the time the hope casts off " fetters and handcuffs " . Early has the attempt that transmits video content on technology of existing wireless local area network before, but the video that wants contented high quality now transmits some difficulty, high-definition video of HD of prep let alone.

But the person's enterprise and creativity are boundless, wireless HD(is wireless and high-definition) it is by LG electron, pine falls, the group that the dominant of manufacturer of product of much home electron such as semiconductor of SamSung, Suo Ni, NEC, Toshiba, United States establishs, those who aim to realize HDMI interface is wireless change, will be not compression HD high-definition video signal is wireless and deferent.

Wireless HD is one kind uses the 60GHz frequency that the license need not apply for to be able to be used on international paragraph electric wave, implementation is highest 4Gbit every second wireless data corresponds, the form that can compress the completely high-definition video of 1080p in order to be not conveys inside the limits in about 10 meters. The target of this standard is to apply at high-definition TV, machine to carry the equipment of seeing and hearing such as box, high-definition videocorder on the head to the video between is transmitted and join.

At present of Wireless HD join in the enterprise already achieved 40, the Intel company added in dominant enterprise. And after be joined in Intel and becoming dominant company, its still offer to join the file that faces PC to transmit a standard in original standard, this is meant, what did not come is wireless and high-definition be able to apply likely also in PC.

In the whole world at the beginning of 2008 consumptive electron is exhibited on, below the pine, the high-definition video that Toshiba and Suo Ni all demonstrated to come true through Wireless HD is transmitted.

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