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Make western traffic comes true " Sichuan path is connected "
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On March 4 " Sichuan line is hard, be hard to go up blue sky! " the peak of poetic perfection of a through the ages, the impression difficulty of danger of Sichuan hill upland, traffic decides case to be in common people heart. Change the condition with a hard way, it is the long-cherished wish of person of generation acting Sichuan.

During two meetings, liu Jibao of secretary of provincial Party committee of delegate of countrywide National People's Congress, Sichuan tells a reporter, around construction western economy grows an upland fixed position of this one development, sichuan already draw makes with respect to western integrated traffic hub, change " Sichuan line is hard " for " Sichuan path connects " gallant blue print: Piece plain railroad is added by 4 reach 10, form group of 4 hours of transportation with Lanzhou of city of circumjacent provincial capital, Xi'an, Guiyang, Kunming, Wuhan, chengdu hopes to Beijing ferry, bead area of trigonometry, long triangle forms group of 8 hours of transportation; The freeway goes out plain the passageway is added by 6 reach 14, provincial course of development of highway be open to traffic " 915 " end achieves 3160 kilometers; Start working builds Chengdu this year double shed the airport 2 runway, promote Chengdu further western position of hub of the biggest aviation.

Since new China holds water, through a few generation the hardships of builder tries hard, sichuan traffic is preliminary changed extremely backward condition. But as the society development and times progress, existing transportation situation already satisfied the requirement that accelerates development hard. Liu Jibao says, piece plain passageway little, density is low the biggest question that is Sichuan traffic. Although Sichuan GDP already crossed -727379968 yuan, but the density of the freeway resides the whole nation only the 24th, railroad density resides the whole nation even the 27th. Railroad average per capita is less than the half of countrywide average level by car frequency, the volume that saves 6 railroad completely is returned not as good as 1/3 of big Qin Xian.

Liu Jibao says: "Exert oneself is made western integrated traffic hub, change ' Sichuan line is hard ' for ' Sichuan path is connected ' , of the main strategy that is overall situation of relation Sichuan development lift. " he introduces, this year January, sichuan province and railway ministry signed the ministry provincial capital that accelerates railroad construction to talk about summary. Both sides agrees, give full cooperation accelerate advance Sichuan to save railroad construction, hub of aggrandizement Chengdu railroad, bend force makes convenient, efficient railroad carry a network. Plan to spread Chengdu Lanzhou, Chengdu to come to Guiyang, Chengdu to Gansu Province hada river oil is outspread in bringing into countrywide railroad network to 6 railroad such as railroad of border of city of Xi'an, Cheng Yu, plain Tibet, extended program adjusts plan, clutch begin early days work, timely start working is built. 6 railroad total course of development makes an appointment with 4900 kilometers, total investment makes an appointment with 310 billion yuan, among them total course of development of Sichuan province churchyard makes an appointment with 1900 kilometers, total investment makes an appointment with 140 billion yuan. In addition, the Lan Yu railroad of churchyard of Sichuan of by way of builds go into operation this year. This one program get through east, south, on the west, 4 directional railroad give north plain big channel.
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