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Homebred car of tornado of first heavy-duty crankshaft goes an axis successfully
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On March 23, road of beach of Jin Sha of development of Qingdao economy technology 168 in sea of Qingdao of boat heavy industry is versed in again on the west finite liability company (abbreviation sea is versed in again on the west) large and marine in crankshaft job shops, one comes from Qiqihaer company of equipment of heavy-duty numerical control (the following abbreviation weighs numerical control together) come from Germany with another Wadelixi the numerical control of • aid root is heavy-duty machining center of crankshaft tornado cutting (abbreviation comes back.
Meanwhile, the crankshaft of neat heavy numerical control machines series machine tool to demonstrate appraisal to also can be held here, demonstrated to be able to come up two Korea guests, they are general manager of head office of machinery of Korea benevolence luck Li Jun is small reach assistant An Hu. Liu Jianrong of president of neat heavy numerical control introduces: "They will make an on-the-spot investigation, considering to buy. Considering to buy..
As the country that develops independently by neat heavy numerical control first tornado car is in the first when the sea weighs labour to machine on the west large and marine all working procedure finish crankshaft, homebred crankshaft machines series machine tool to begin to make a of Korea user new choice in.
Weigh reach a standard of vehicle of numerical control tornado together
The windmill coming back of neat heavy numerical control goes out from April 2007 since exhibiting, be paid close attention to all the time by the height of industry.
National hair changes appoint Zhang Guobao of director of bureau of energy resources of vice director, nation ever asked industry of tool of Chinese machine tool association to total a secretary in charge of sth grows Wu Bailin for many times: "Is windmill of Qi Chong coming back no good to last line? " .
Doubt comes from go to Shanghai at Zhang Guobao some company makes an on-the-spot investigation, ask about them when Zhang Guobao why need not when the tornado car that our country develops independently, the answer that got to Qi Chong car of numerical control tornado is oppugned.
"Can decide basically now, the product of neat heavy numerical control already achieved international advanced level. " Wu Bailin says.
"There is concern at that time, can be done in the manufactory, after that installation is creating the spot, can you satisfy the need of the user? Now everybody the stone be born in the heart. " Wu Bailin says.
Wu Bailin introduces: "Our country big tonnage, heavy-duty, exceed heavy-duty marine to make can make independently finish, basically look ' heart ' , large marine the bottleneck that diesel engine is development, and large ship uses crankshaft is the bottleneck in bottleneck. Neat heavy numerical control was not introducing a technology, below the circumstance that also does not have joint-stock collaboration, rely on him design, research, development to give the core technology from personal version, very not easy. " .
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