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Eaves understands mechanism of heavy industry road surface famous Algerian
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In March 2008 the middle ten days of a month, " Algerian east, on the west freeway " the head office of Chinese railroad building on the project and in letter construction combine gives Zhengzhou eaves to connect the limited company that weigh labour to send order form again: Because construction schedule needs, urgent increase much stage to cover equipment of roller of vibration of cam of machine of concussion type squeezing ramming, self-propelled and pneumatic tyred roller, carry of the delivery before lunar base is gone to Algerian construction site.

So far, eaves connects the Tie Jiancheng in weighing labour to had been in to build " Algerian east, on the west freeway " on a project, accumulative total realizes road machinery to sell more than 30 to cover, the iron in be being advanced with all one's strength builds the construction project of overseas, also use product quality and company actual strength, be in Algerian place, established eaves to communicate the good brand image of heavy industry.

"Algerian east, on the west freeway " it is Chinese railroad building head office and in letter combine overseas bear the highway that build builds a project, the big project of internationalization needs the product of corresponding form a complete set to undertake construction of course. What begin from 2006 is medium iron builds machine of early days road surface in process of invite public bidding of choose and buy, eaves connects the road machinery of heavy industry to show itself, with one action wins the bid. Spring 2007, head office of Chinese railroad building and eaves connected heavy industry to sign vibration of machine of squeezing ramming of type of the first concussion and self-propelled cam the contract that roller covers nearly 20 times.

Does the road machinery that eaves tells heavy worker worker produce character to be measured after all how? Iron built on the contract to take skill in: Purchase group by group, carry an equipment to go first for the first time Algerian construction, the basis uses a case, whether does again affirmatory manufacturer need to continue to offer money.

Good money is not afraid of than. Eaves tells heavy worker worker explicit also, deliver goods while expedite after service personnel to follow at once the project hurries off to an Algerian, responsible equipment is debugged, use, the problem such as maintenance.

Because the geological condition of Algerian place compares difference, rock is much, to road surface machinery construction brought quite great difficulty. The road surface machine of the other company that iron builds the corresponding period to purchase in is basic cannot start working. Right now, the advantage highlighted the facility that eaves tells heavy worker worker to come out: Equipment is durable, quality is reliable, can get used to a variety of mixed construction operating mode. Early days, the machine of concussion type squeezing ramming that tells heavy worker worker by eaves first presses foundation, squeezing ramming effect is good, efficiency tall; is caught, roller of self-propelled cam vibration undertakes planish 2 times, final bitumen road surface, reoccupy pneumatic tyred roller undertakes final squeezing ramming. So far, eaves understands the road machinery product of heavy industry, comprehensive application was in on the construction of Algerian freeway.
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