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Lifting appliance is taken " ill " exercise can penalize a fund
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Guangdong province pledges inspect branch was on March 25 in process of special to saving lifting appliance to undertake completely repair, discover goods and materials of buddhist of day of the city zone of Fosan city buddhist reclaims the city zone of buddhist of city of 2 crane, Fosan starts limited company abundant lens steelworks a crane did not supervise management department to register to safety of special type equipment, investment of do sth without authorization is used, operation personnel does not have card mount guard.

It is reported, already was opposite before qualitative inspect branch its make known to lower levels " safety of special type equipment is censorial instruction book " instruct its deadline to rectify and reform, but two units disregard above the country concerns a provision, continue to violate compasses use. At present relevant section undertook to its gravity executes the law.

Introduce according to visitting qualitative inspect department, current, the lifting appliance that Guangdong saves amounts to 118803. Only last year first half of the year, complete province produces lifting appliance accident 8 cases, death 7 people, get hurt 2 people, occupy Electromechanical respectively kind number of number of accident of special type equipment, death, get hurt of the number 57% , 54% , 50% .

Luo Xiangping of the member that save deputy survey of qualitative inspect bureau points out, mechanical accident majority happens in use link. Work staff violate the rules and regulations holds equipment to take " ill " run the accident that cause, 87.6% what hold sum total of lifting appliance accident. Do sth without authorization uses the investment of special type equipment such as crane, can be in 2000 yuan of above 20 thousand yuan of the following amerce.

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