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Cost of agriculture machinery trade rises enter swift passage
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On Feburary 28, company of production of some diesel engine rose Changzhou again the factory price of the product, every rise 60 yuan, this is the price that this industry raised a product the 2nd times 2008, also was 2007 since raise product price the 6th times. So far, it is with S195 exemple, from 2007 the beginning of the year up to now, every price had risen 280 yuan or so, go up amount to 20% . The diesel engine of 10 many one-cylinder of Changzhou of Jiangsu of it is reported produces the price of the enterprise to all 20% is control go up, occupy introduction of controller of company of this diesel engine additionally, do not eliminate the possibility that continues to raise price inside year, and extent is in at least 10% above.
2007, it is our country rises in price one year faster, go up besides CPI index bigger outside, the index of industrial product also has bigger growth, and the range that rises in price with Yuan Fucai makings is the biggest. The data that provides according to constant bavin Inc. makes clear: 2007 is the main material such as cast iron, useless steel and coke had risen one year fast, cast iron by in January 2007 of the portion every tons go up 2500 yuan 4400 yuan, coke also by January 2007 every tons rise 1600 yuan 2600 current yuan; 2007 as a result of international oil price hold afterwards to rise, cause the product value such as benzine, derv rise, agriculture machinery industry appeared to be below the circumstance that rise in price for a time, still appear cheer difficult phenomenon, and agriculture machinery is the large family that use oil, oil cannot is short of in produce and using a process. And the by-product that the raw material that tire place uses is crude oil, also went up 10% ; 2007 also is nonferrous metal a year when rise, bring about what agriculture machinery uses and so on of cistern, accumulator to rise etc. According to not complete count, 2007 as a result of prices of all sorts of Yuan Fucai makings rise the range that brings about product cost to rise is very big, be in commonly 15% above, especially with large and medium-sized tractor ascendant range is bigger. Because a lot of agriculture machinery of second half of the year produced an enterprise to be in this 2007,digest cost basically, also transfer appropriately digested one part cost, full range of general company price one's style of work as well as one's moral quality all is in 5% ~ 8% the left and right sides, tall also exceeded 10% .

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