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Useless old innovation starts revolution of machine tool industry
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"The enterprise of our China, the capacity that increases own innovation ceaselessly only, world banner technology that has more to have own intellectual property, ability is not being pulled by the family nose goes. Come true thereby continuously gain, enhance oneself to be in the competition ability of the international market. " this year on two meetings, city mayor Liu Gang says delegate of countrywide National People's Congress, Qiqihaer, "What weigh Inc. of numerical control equipment together is some closer year development process is very convincing clear proof.

Inc. of equipment of neat heavy numerical control is industry of countrywide machine tool business of large key mainstay, of machine tool industry of the our country that be called " 18 arhat " one of. In recent years, the industry raises the development level of numerical control machine tool ceaselessly, broke a developed country to go up for a long time to block to the technology of our country in product of high-end machine tool, make the enterprise is close to going bankrupt by the old state-owend enterprise of the brim jumps arms of litre of the person at the head of a procession that is Chinese heavy-duty machine tool.

However, last centuries 90 time, because suffer the effect of planned economy for a long time, enter " the market " hind, protruding of state-owend enterprise of this old brand lacks the malpractice with weak ability of innovation of own intellectual property, technology now, the enterprise is managed for a time get into trouble, be in debt to already amounted to 81 million yuan to the end of 1999.

In May 2000, neat heavy numerical control sucked 4 to have the unit of social legal person of complementary sex in respect of technology, market, execute recombine. In the meantime, the administrative thinking with one brand-new a complete set of and method were formed in the respect such as technology, management, sale, work up system of modern business management and innovation mechanism.

To break old product structure, weighed numerical control together to make bold decision-making -- will use 50 old products blueprint is one-time abandon, according to the product the development of modular, generalization asks, innovation development goes stand, lie product of two kinds of big machine tools develops " model chart " . This one act is considered as product of our country heavy-duty machine tool to develop the historic revolution in the process, for our country the batch of machine tool of large metal turning changes manufacturing exploration to give a new way.

Carry out a proof, new " model chart " shortened greatly the technical preparation cycle of the product and product date of delivery, be helpful for producing the reserve of big semifinished product in the process at the same time, make the design of the enterprise, production and sale means conform with the world in the round.

A few years short, the new product that weighs numerical control together to develop development independently has 150 a variety of fill the country is blank, a lot of products are known as " n/COL the head of a family equipment of the republic " , this industry is heavy the manufacturing engineering capability of machine tool product more jump house world first place.
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