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TD mobile phone produces business chance to rise gradually
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TD-SCDMA tries business to use the TD passion that also ignited manufacturer of homebred mobile phone.
A few days ago from Shenzhen new in Yang Huiyuan of assistant president of bridge communication company is in know, national hair changes appoint going early the end of the year has changed strategy, production of TD mobile phone and production of other GSM mobile phone are same, need not produce license plate, want to produce the TD mobile phone that come out to detect through joining a network only, can undertake selling.
Big Tang Yi moves a middle-level to also disclose to the reporter, because Beijing TD puts date to be able to buy check of TD mobile phone only, manufacturer of mobile phone of a lot of Shenzhen calls in these two days seek advice, prepare research and development and manufacturing TD mobile phone.
"If card of TD mobile phone is unlocked, TD mobile phone follows GSM mobile phone completely to carry social channel sale euqally. " this middle-level says.
Need not license plate
"Need license plate so, but did not need now. It is OK to cancel mobile phone license plate to make apply to TD mobile phone. " He Guili of director of lab of Chinese peaceful Er discloses, since this year, the TD mobile phone that has had card of very multilateral product applies for to detect.
In fact, to the problem of license plate of TD mobile phone, all the time since it is to opinions vary. Formal later development cancelled the State Council last year approve of mobile phone license plate is made, theoretic of all kinds manufacturer has license plate doorsill no longer into industry of proceed with machine. But in fact, although mobile phone license plate cancels, but doorsill of a few policy still exists. The product that produces without the mobile phone manufacturer that acquires mobile phone license plate, unavailable still mobile phone enters net license.
The field is created in TD mobile phone, many manufacturers express to had obtained license plate of TD mobile phone. According to reporter understanding, allege now the firm that has acquired license plate shares 15, believe for resurgence, sea respectively, associate, Xia Xin, wave guide, big the Tang Dynasty, Le Jintong believes Er of Motolora, sea, tide (LG) , Zhejiang Hua Li, SamSung, China be, bright base report is connected, UT Si Dakang.
Yang Huiyuan discloses, the flow that produces TD mobile phone now has done not have distinction with common GSM mobile phone, want an enterprise to have only the technology is accumulated and produce actual strength enoughly, entering industry of TD mobile phone should not be difficult problem.
Collective stirs
"Manufacturer of a lot of mobile phones bought terminal of TD of ongoing hair of TD terminal module. " the relevant curator that big Tang Yi acts responsible TD plan to sell discloses, be in as a result of value of plan of TD mobile phone millions of or so yuan, bring about bought manufacturer not much, but the price of TD terminal module should be controlled 1000 yuan only, include mobile phone manufacturer, hold the manufacturer such as terminal, supervisory equipment to choose to buy TD terminal module to come terminal of TD of research and development.
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